SENSSE | Hot and Cool Facial Bar

I was sent the SENSSé Hot and Cool Facial Bar in exchange for a review. When I received the product from Amazon, I was genuinely blown away with its beautiful packaging and the way the facial bar itself looks. The box is a good, solid matte white cardboard, with the Senssé logo on the front, in rose gold. Inside you receive the facial bar, a USB charger and 2 year warranty/instruction manual.

The facial bar itself is absolutely beautiful – with its subtly shimmery white design and accents of rose gold. The bar itself is extremely smooth. I couldn’t wait to try it on my skin! When using for the first time, the device needs to be charged for at least six hours on its lovely rose gold base.

There are four functions on the facial bar – heat, heat with vibrations, cool, cool with vibrations. The hot mode feels absolutely amazing! This mode increases blood circulation and relaxes facial muscles. The cool mode also feels lovely – especially on a hot day – and helps to reduce the appearance of pores and help skin absorb your facial moisturiser. The product lights up with a whit light, and the dots, which also illuminate, indicate which setting you are currently on. It also makes a clear beeping sound when you change functions.


To use the product – place moisturiser on the plate before switching on. It is preferable that you use a water soluble moisturiser. Turn the bar on and it will get warm very quickly. Move it over the skin on your face for around 30 seconds. Press the button next to switch to hot mode with vibrations. This will stimulate skin further and help you achieve that natural glow. After another 30 seconds, switch to cool mode. You’ll hear the internal fan kick in at this point – I can’t actually believe how quickly it gets cold! The final setting is cool with vibrations and this is a lovely final facial massage which will help relax you and minimise pores. This should be done 3-5 times a week and takes about 2 minutes in total.

Now for my thoughts!

  • As you can tell from my gushing above, I absolutely love how this item looks. You could say that it is very ‘Instagramable’ and I really enjoyed photographing it. I’m also currently trying to find a practical use for the box it came in too, because it will just look beautiful wherever I put it!
  • I love the way the hot mode feels on my skin, to me this is the best part. It really does help with the absorption of my moisturiser and I love this
  • The vibration mode really isn’t the best – it could be better. I don’t actually know what benefits it is having to my face and skin and it just isn’t really needed in my opinion
  • It charges very quickly and just looks even more beautiful on its throne of a charging base
  • The cool mode is very refreshing and as I said before, it gets cool very quickly and is wonderful if you’re feeling pretty warm. I use it on my face after a run as I turn into a good shade of tomato very quickly! This calms my skin right back down and means I can continue to put on my makeup without lovely sweat and red patches making an appearance

To buy your own Sensse Hot and Cool Facial Bar, visit Amazon here (where it is currently on offer – almost half price!) or to find out more visit the Sensse website here.

Kerry x

Sensio Spa Complete Hydrotherapy Facial – A Five Step Routine

This Sensio Spa Hydrotherapy Facial kit was sent to me last week and I’ve been so excited to review it. It’s the first time I’ve ever owned anything like this. My husband and I used to have spa days at Centre Parcs every now and then and I also went with my Mum as part of my Hen celebrations. I’ve always loved how my skin felt after being in the steam rooms, so to own something which means I can have this same feeling at home is very exciting! 

Ionic Facial Steamer

In the box you get – 

  • Ionic Facial Steamer with adjustable nozzle
  • Facial Cleanser with 2 attachments (brush and sponge) 
  • Hot and Cool Bar with power adapter
Facial Cleanser

The facial cleanser comes with two attachments – a brush and a sponge. As this kit is a five step routine, the facial cleanser with the brush attachment is the first step. You are supposed to cleanse and exfoliate using this first. Even after just this step my face felt smooth and very clean. The bristles are very soft to the touch, but are very effective. Setting 1 on the cleanser is for daily cleansing, setting 2 is for exfoliation. 

Facial Cleanser

Step 2 in the routine is to open your pores using the Hot and Cool Bar on the ‘hot’ setting. This is feels wonderfully relaxing, I particularly enjoyed this step of the process. 

Hot and Cool Bar
Hot and Cool Bar
Ionic Facial Steamer

The third step in the routine is to rehydrate the face using the ionised facial steamer. This has an adjustable nozzle so that you don’t have to bend at any awkward angles to use it. Your face should be around 25cm away from the nozzle. The kit comes with a little measuring cup so you can ensure to use the correct amount of water in the steamer each time. 

The fourth step is to use the Hot and Cool Bar again, but this time on the ‘cool’ setting. This will close pores again and also settle the skin down after heat exposure. This is once again a lovely, relaxing step in the process. 

Hot and Cool Bar

The final step is to apply your moisturiser as usual. I used this equipment in the evening as I like my skin to breathe after going through this process. It’s nice to be able to see and enjoy the results instead of just covering up with makeup. It also meant I was fully relaxed, ready for bed. 

Overall I’m over the moon with the Sensio Spa Complete Hydrotherapy Facial. My skin really does look brighter and it felt so clean after use. It really feels like I’ve had a spa quality facial afterwards. I love it! 

To purchase your own, check it out on Amazon here

Kerry x