In the Know | Vegan Leather

I thought that today instead of reviewing a product, I would bring you an informative article about vegan leather – something which might intrigue you. I was certainly interested to know more about vegan leather – How can leather be vegan? Is it still leather if it’s not made from animal products? Does it last as long? 


So how is vegan leather sourced? It is a fake leather-like material not made from animal skin. Many materials can be used to make vegan leather, including synthetics like plastic and more natural materials like cork. You may have referred to vegan leather as ‘pleather’ – a term used which combines plastic and leather. This is because most faux leathers are made using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU), which are plastic based materials.


These materials have raised issues as to their production and its impact on the environment. It is however, difficult to source natural materials to produce a hardy enough material for faux leather although it has been attempted with kelp and pineapple leaves.

How is vegan leather made? Faux leather is produced in a very different way to leather. Different chemicals and a totally different industrial process is used. The most common way to make it is to bond together a plastic coating to a fabric backing. Depending on what plastics are used, defines whether it is eco friendly. Be sure to check this out if you’re after a true vegan leather.

download (1).jpg

The big question: Is vegan leather better than real leather? Vegan leather is usually a lot lighter than leather and thinner. It is also more lightweight which makes it a lot easier to work with in terms of fashion. The drawback to this is that it makes it a lot less durable. I’m sure you all have at least one leather item in your household/family which has been going for decades and still looking good. Leather is just generally a lot more hard-wearing. This is an important factor to consider when deciding between fake leather and real leather as the environmental impact of replacing a fake leather product multiple times is arguably more damaging than the purchase of one real leather item.


So in conclusion, the choice is yours. There are some fabulous vegan leathers available including those produced by Dr. Martens – you really can’t tell the difference! Just consider the environmental impact your faux leather may be having on the environment and check before you buy.

To find out more about vegan leather, read this very informative article here.

Kerry x


Hair Accessory Store

Last week I was sent some beautiful hair accessories from Hair Accessory Store. They are an independent, online business specialising hair ties, alice bands, bun garlands, head scarves and many more! Here’s what I received…

Fabric Roses 3 Pack Hairbands – £2.49

These beautiful hair elastics each have a fabric rose securely attached to them. They are a simple way to make your average ponytail look much more pretty and ready for Spring/Summer. I’ve been wearing these when I go for a run to pull my hair back as the elastics themselves are very strong and really hold my very thick and usually untamable hair into place. You can buy the hairbands here for £2.49.

Bun Garland with Fabric Roses – £2.49

I just adore this piece! It really gets me in the mind of festival season and Summer. The roses themselves are beautiful and I especially like the dusty pink coloured one. The colour combinations are beautiful. This is as innovative as the hair ties in that you can use it to add extra prettiness to an otherwise plain hairstyle. This garland is used to wrap around your hair bun – excellent for holding down and hiding any stray hairs too! Buy yours here for £2.49.

Floral Print Chiffon Hair Bandeau – £2.99

This chiffon headscarf has the most beautiful print. I am all about these colour combinations of pinks, creams and greens. I love to wear this in between wash days when my hair is a mess and won’t do as it’s told. This instantly makes it look pretty and also controls it again so I can get on with my day without constantly blowing my hair off my face! This is also adjustable, so if you have a big head like mine, you can make it fit. Buy yours here for £2.99.

Animal Print Chiffon Elasticated Hair Bandeau

I also received this brightly coloured bandeau (which isn’t currently available on the website). It has various animal prints on it in cool, bright colours. This one is elasticated around the back and is easy to fit on and not ruin your styled hair underneath.

Take a look at Hair Accessory Store for more gorgeous accessories for your hair. They range from practical to dressing up, children’s to festival. They also do free delivery on orders over £10! Their prices are very competitive – I’d say they’re even better value than the likes of Primark. To visit the store, click here.

Kerry x

Black Spade – Ribbed Jersey Pyjama Set with Contrast Trim

I’m a creature of comfort. There’s nothing I like more at the end of the day, than getting into my pyjamas and chilling out for the evening. When I was sent some Black Spade pyjamas to review, I put them on immediately to see if they passed the ‘Comfort Test’.

They did! These pyjamas by Black Spade are so soft and fit beautifully. They have a luxurious feel and are definitely made for comfort.

They are a gorgeous navy colour with a contrast white trim around the neck, pocket and sleeves. They are made of 50% Cotton, 25% Polyester and 25% Viscose.

I adore these pyjamas – they are high quality and withstand machine washing very well. I’m wearing a size M (around a size 12) and these pyjamas are available in sizes small to extra large. To find out more detailed sizing click this link.

To purchase your own set, click here to go to the Black Spade website. Black Spade also sell underwear, maternity underwear, men’s underwear, childrenswear and much more! Check it all out here.

Kerry x

Norwich Fashion Week 2017 – The Dipple & Conway Hair and Makeup Show

This has got to be, by far, my best blogging experience to date and I just had to share it with you. On Friday 10th March, I went to the Dipple & Conway Hair and Makeup Show for Norwich Fashion Week 2017.  I was given a VIP ticket by the event organisers and felt so grateful to be gifted such a wonderful opportunity.

When I arrived, I went to the VIP area and met the lovely Charlotte of Simply Lottie – another Norwich blogger. The show was due to start at 8pm, so we were able to chat all things blogging for a little while!

The show itself took place in Open – a beautiful venue with ornate ceilings and a large open space with an overlooking balcony. I already knew when I took my seat, that this was going to be a great show.

The show was split into four segments – Shakespeare, Burlesque, Contemporary and Sci-Fi. Salons, MUAs and colleges were there showcasing their work on beautiful models from Sandra Reynolds. The costumes were provided by The Maddermarket Theatre and were stunning.


Set 1


This segment opened the show with a beautiful operatic performance by Emma Nuule – who also looked amazing in her of the time period costume.


I was very excited for this part of the show because I love all things Shakespeare. The models were dressed as various Shakespearean characters and their hair and makeup beautifully reflected their character’s personality. Such a brilliant opening section!

Those showcasing their work were –

Millie Rose


Lowestoft College

Paintopia (More about them later!)


The models for this segment were admirable. I was blown away by their confidence and stage presence. They rocked the burlesque look and once again the hair and makeup was bang-on theme. Such a cool and empowering part of the show!

Those showcasing their work were –


The Cottage

Kerri Anema

Set 2


Full of fast paced music and bright colours this was an exciting start to set 2! I loved the theme here and how each salon and MUA interpreted it.

Those showcasing their work were –

Lanoi and Nutch

Glam R



Another set I got over excited about! I’m a huge geeky sci-fi fan and couldn’t wait to see the theme interpreted. I wasn’t disappointed!

Those showcasing their work were –


Salon 66

The Norwich School of Beauty

Paintopia – a special shout out to these guys! Their work actually gave me goosebumps. They are a group of body paint artists whose skills are off the scale. I’ve never seen anything like it – the artwork was incredible and the way the models presented themselves and their characters was incredible. As usual, I struggle to put down in words how amazing they are, so here are some photos instead!

What a show! I will definitely be going back next year and hopefully to see more shows. I’ve been looking at photos on Twitter and Instagram of the other events and they look just as brilliant. I feel very blessed to have been part of such an awesome experience and am so happy it took place in lovely Norwich.

I have also put together a little video of all the photos and some video footage I took of the night – take a look and please give it a like. Thank you!


Kerry x

PurpleSharks – Iron On Patches

Grab your Backstreet Boys CDs and Gameboy, we’re taking a trip back to the 90s! Many 90s trends have tried to make a comeback and failed miserably, but there’s one that is everywhere at the moment and that is embroidered patches

These beauties are from PurpleSharks, a little online store which sells quirky embroidered patches. The store owner is Alex, who decided to open the store due to her love of patched band jackets. Alex wanted her selection of patches to be unique and different from the norm so that people could make any item of clothing totally individual. 

I firstly chose this gorgeous Bumble Bee Iron on Patch. The patch is very high quality and the colours are so vibrant. 

This patch is an iron on one. Alex also recommends that you sew the patches on as well as iron them, for long lasting customisation. I put mine onto the back of my denim shirt. I can’t believe how much it has changed the look of the shirt and it’s made me want to wear it again. I’m so pleased! 

My other patch choice was this Pastel Diamond Iron on Patch. I just really loved the colours and who doesn’t want a diamond in their life? 

I had a pair of dungarees that really needed jazzing up, so decided to attach my patch to the back of these inside another diamond patch of denim.

Once again, this patch has made me want to wear these dungarees again. I love the pop of colour and how it’s on my back.  

If you too would like to own some awesome and unique patches,  then check out PurpleSharks here. There are LOADS of patches to choose from, something for everyone – from hearts, balloons, seahorses, lips, rainbows, Pikachus to unicorns! Definitely worth taking a look and you’ll be supporting an independent business while you’re there. 

Kerry x

OOTD featuring the Superpeach Kimberley Collar

Well this is exciting! Welcome to my first Outfit Of The Day post! Along with my beauty haul on Friday, I also got a couple of items of clothing. However, today it’s all about my beautiful accessory. This is the Kimberley Collar from Superpeach.

Superpeach is an awesome accessory, socks and underwear online store. I’m lucky enough to be a Superpeach Princess and will be blogging about many other items from the store in the future. I also have an exclusive discount code for you, so you can save yourself some money off anything that takes your fancy! Keep reading to find out the code. 

The Kimberley Collar is currently in the sale for just £7.00. It’s a sure-fire way to glam up any outfit instantly. It’s a classic black with beautifully detailed gold embroidery. There are some lovely beads sewn around the edges for extra prettiness.

I decided to jazz my outfit up with it today. As you can see, it made what is a very basic, plain top into something much more eye-catching and elegant.

I went for smart-casual today. Here’s what I’m wearing –

  • Wine coloured, long sleeved top from Primark – £2
  • Grey midi length pencil skirt from Primark – £6
  • Rose Gold Converse
  • Kimberley Collar from Superpeach – £7

I just love this outfit! It’s simple, but made me feel body confident and happy. The collar makes a big impact and instantly made my outfit look and feel exciting. I’m excited to try it with many other outfits I wear and you’ll be able to see the results on my Instagram over the coming weeks.

If you too would like a Kimberley colour, with an extra discount of 20%, just click here and use the code sparklewithkerry20 (expires 22/2/2017) at the checkout. Take a look around the shop and SALE for other beautiful accessories, socks or knickers. It’s all gorgeous!

To find Superpeach on Social media, check out –

Twitter – @superpeachlife

Instagram – @superpeachlife

Facebook –

Kerry x

My New Shoes and Why they Mean so Much to Me – Toy Story Vans

It’s not everyday that I get soppy over a pair of shoes, but these ones are something special. Not only did I wear Vans as a teenager, dragging my feet through my moody ‘goth’ stage, but I also loved the Toy Story films growing up. The combination of two such sentimental items makes me very happy. 

I was lucky enough to receive a voucher for our local shopping centre for Christmas, so just knew I wanted a pair of these shoes. There are a few styles to choose from and I originally wanted the pink Woody and Bo Peep pair, but these weren’t in stock. I opted for the denim Woody pair and I actually feel this worked out for the best. They definitely go with more of my clothes and so are a more practical option. 

Now, you may be wondering why these shoes mean so much to me. Well, I have some wonderful memories attached to all three of the Toy Story films, which I’d like to share with you in this post. 

Toy Story
This first film in the trio was released in 1995 when I was only eight years old. I remember my Dad took my sister and me to go and see it in a little cinema in the town next to ours (giving my Mum a well deserved break from the three of us!). We were all so excited because there hadn’t been an animated film like it and my brain just couldn’t comprehend how computers had animated the whole thing! I watched it with my jaw on the floor. Everything about it was perfect to me – the characters, the script, the storyline, the list goes on. When we came out of the cinema, my Dad was so hyper he couldn’t stop talking about how incredible the animation was. We got home and bombarded my Mum with every element of the film we could remember. It was such a happy evening for me and a moment I believe, sparked my love of film and production.  

Toy Story 2
Unfortunately, I didn’t see this film at the cinema but we received it on video cassette(!) from my Nana and Grandad one Christmas. My sister and I were once again beside ourselves with excitement and put it on whilst our parents and grandparents chatted around the table after dinner. We both sat about two inches from the TV screen and watched it in silence completely absorbed in yet another brilliant storyline. Gradually my Grandad had sat in his faithful chair and joined us in watching it. I remember hearing his infectious giggle at certain parts and his amazement at the animation. This was a stand out Christmas for me, even if it was a simple one in front of a film, it symbolises being with my family and us all enjoying something together. 

Toy Story 3
This was released almost seven years ago, when I was 22. Quite an age difference from the first film! My sister had received it on DVD as a gift and cheekily watched it without us! She was so excited for us all to see it and told us she just knew we would love it and it would make us quite emotional. I came home for the evening and we all settled down to watch it together. We laughed in all the right places and cried in others. What a beautifully written film! The emotional scenes were actually some of the most emotional I’ve seen in a film. I think a lot of it had to do with growing up with the characters myself, almost taking my own ‘Andy’ journey. 

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this very different post from me! It was one I really wanted to write and share with you. I’ve never felt emotional about a materialistic item, but I’m not ashamed to feel this way in this case. I’m happy to know that every time I look down at these shoes on my feet, I’m reminded of all these lovely moments, giggles and conversations with my wonderful family. 

Right, I’m off to watch my Toy Story box set with Baby J! Maybe I can help build such fond memories for her. 

Kerry x

Zoella Lifestyle – On My Travels Back Pack

If there was one gift I wanted for myself from the Boots Gift Guide, it was the Zoella Lifestyle – On My Travels Back Pack. As soon as I saw it in store, I fell in love. Luckily for me, I have a very kind husband who bought me one this week!

As you can see, the bag is gorgeous. It’s perfect for a mum of a young baby like myself, as her changing bag just isn’t enough! It is quite large, so will easily fit my tablet, notebook and any other ‘stuff’ I accumulate over the weeks! The bag has a beautiful neon orange lining, which goes really nicely with the grey of the bag.

You also receive this motivational keyring which is a rose gold coloured metal with soft neon orange lettering.

This travel mug is also included – another essential for me and my walks with the pram! It has a gorgeous marble effect design and rose gold lettering. Once again, the neon orange colour scheme is carried through on the lid.

These pencils are super cool and look so great in the box that I didn’t want to remove them! I’m loving the ombre effect using the orange of the pencils. Each pencil has a little phrase written on it, like ‘Hugs & Kisses’. I’m a total stationery addict, so these pencils made me very happy.

The bag was a Boots Star Buy but is now back up for £50. You can purchase the bag in store or online here.

There are more gorgeous items in the Zoella Lifestyle range, including candles and cosy socks. Will you be purchasing any?

Kerry x

Beauty Product Review – Miss Yifi Rainbow Highlight 

Whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed a few months back my eyes were drawn to a post about ‘Rainbow Highlight’. Oh Hello unicorns, mermaids, dragons and anything remotely mystical! I did my research and saw that the photo was of a product by Bitter Lace Beauty. I hunted them down on Etsy and realised at this point it would be near impossible for me to get my hands on their beautiful Prism Rainbow blush. This stuff sells out almost instantly and the waiting period is months long. 

So what did I do? I turned to good ol’ eBay and searched ‘Rainbow Highlight’. Results returned this one by Miss Yifi

I ordered myself one and sat back for a couple of weeks as it had to be delivered from China. For just under £7 it’s a fraction of the price of the Bitter Lace Beauty one. 

I’ve got to say, it does have a much more subtle impact than the BLB one, but I like that. I was applying it with a brush but it really wasn’t working, but after reading this post by Lima of Fashionicide where she suggests to use your finger instead of a brush, my rainbow highlight game has changed forever! 

Now I know it’s a massive risk to buy a little known product and slap it straight onto my face, but I did research Miss Yifi and they are relatively well know in the deep, dark depths of the beauty world. I’ve noticed no skin issues so far either. Touch wood.  

To be honest, I’m not one to rock up to Tesco with a rainbow on my cheek, but I would definitely wear it on a rare night out. Instead I use it as a eyeshadow or mix the colours together to create a lovely multi-tonal highlight. 

Have you managed to bag a rainbow highlighter yet? Are you brave enough to wear it? 

Right, I’m off to ride my unicorn – see ya! 

Kerry x

How to: The Perfect Pink Ombré Lips using NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

After having so much fun having a go at nude ombré lips yesterday, I thought I’d have a go at a pink look! 

For this look I used:

  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Prague  
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Istanbul 

I began with clean, exfoliated and dry lips. 

Next I applied NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague around my lip line and then filled it in slightly. 

The final step was to fill in the middle part of the lips with NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul. As I said yesterday, the key to ombre lips is to blend, blend, blend! Put your lips together a rub gently, for a more natural and blended look. 

So, what do you think? Have you tried ombre lips yet? It’s so much fun! 

Kerry x