Exposed Cosmetics Bold Definition Highlight Kit | Review and Swatches

Here’s my second review of an Exposed Cosmetics product and this one is a beauty! As you saw from my previous post, I am absolutely in love with the Exposed Cosmetics English Rose Eyeshadow palette, read that here. So I was expecting good things form this highlight kit too!

As with the eyeshadow palette, this kit comes in simple cardboard packaging which has a little window in it so you can see the shades inside. It’s a cute little size, making it great for on the go. On the back of the box is an image of a woman showing you where to apply highlighter to your face. Now let’s get to the swatches!

Exposed Cosmetics Highlight Kit swatched in natural light

Eeek, aren’t they all just so beautiful? The colours are – Pale Champagne, Iridescent Rose and Glistening Bronze. The shades have a gorgeous sheen to them and are super shimmery – minus the glitter. They have that much coveted ‘wet look’ on the skin. My most wearable shade, for my skin tone, is definitely Pale Champagne but the amazing thing about this palette is that you can mix the shades together to create your own custom highlight. They’re just stunning! They would make beautiful eyeshadows too.

This Bold Definition Highlight Kit is just £4.99 and available to purchase here.

Kerry x

I Heart Makeup Dragon’s Heart | Review and Swatches

A few days ago I reviewed the beautiful new Mermaid’s Heart Highlighter from I Heart Makeup, today it’s the turn of Dragon’s Heart – a stunning, gold and warm toned highlighter. 

This baked highlighter comes in a heart-shaped cardboard box with flame illustrations on the lid.  The highlighter itself consists of five shades. These can be worn individually as highlighter, blushes or even eyeshadows. 

When swirled together, the result is a stunning gold highlighter. I have been wearing this most days as I find it perfect for my skin tone. 

I love the selection of colours in Dragon’s Heart and the actual dragon theme. This is definitely a must for any Game of Thrones fans! 

The highlighter is nicely pigmented all round and stays put all day. I wore it on a coach to London yesterday and it lasted the sweaty journey! 

To buy your own, click here

Kerry x 

Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter in Lunar | Review and Swatches

I reviewed a Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter a few months ago now and it was one of my most read posts. These highlighters were a very popular release for Makeup Revolution, so I really wasn’t surprised when I saw they had released four more shades last week. I was very fortunate to be sent this particular shade and I couldn’t wait to give it a go. 

Lunar is an ultra intense lilac toned highlighter. It is absolutely stunning and one of my favourite tones for a highlighter. I love the uniqueness that a lilac one gives on the skin. I was pretty blown away by the swatch I did (below) and was even more amazed when I applied it to my face. I literally tapped my brush in the pan and began to apply it and the glow was insane! I actually had to blend it out a bit with my foundation brush because, believe it or not, I actually felt I had too much on! I know, shock horror! 

Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter in Lunar swatched in natural light

The highlighter stayed on my skin all day and even managed to cling on during a very sweaty run this evening. It looks very pretty on the high points on my face. I spent a lot of the day moving my head in odd positions in front of a mirror just to make the highlighter ‘flash’ back at me! 

To buy your own Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter, click here. These babies are only £3!

Kerry x

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Glow | Bronzer and Highlighter

You may have read my review of the Makeup Revolution Night Palette, one of the eyeshadow palettes which belongs to the Renaissance collection. A big part of the appeal with these palettes is their beautiful packaging. They come in a black box with rose gold decorations. Inside the black box, they are packaged in a cute velvet pouch (a little bit of added luxury). The casing itself is so so beautiful – matte black with rose gold edging and I just love the clasp which opens and closes them. 

The Renaissance Glow contains a bronzer and a highlight. The palette was re-released last week, claiming to be ‘New and Improved’. I never tried the original myself, but I’m happy with the reformulation of this one.

The bronzer is matte and very light. To be honest, I haven’t been using it as a bronzer but actually as a contour. It is the perfect contour shade for pale skin as it has grey, shadowy undertones. 

The highlighter is the main reason you should buy this palette! It is gold and gives a ‘wet look’ on the high points of the face. A little goes a long way with this one, I really like it. I’m off to a very special party in October and I will be packing this in my overnight bag. 

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Glow Swatches in Natural Light

To buy your own Makeup Revolution Renaissance Glow palette, click here

Kerry x

Makeup Revolution Ultra Cool Glow | Highlighter Palette

Makeup Revolution are just slaying it at the moment! In the last year that I’ve been blogging they have brought out more and more unique, versatile and extremely exciting products than any other brand I know. They are almost definitely my favourite makeup brand above all others at the moment – they’re cruelty free, very affordable and they cater for all skin types and tones. I love them! 

When I saw this highlighting palette last Wednesday (the day of its release), I ordered myself one and one for my bestie. The colours were just too exciting to pass up. 

The tones in this palette really reminded me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit – especially that green shade, which is very much like ABH’s Lucky Clover. 

The palette itself came in the most gorgeous packaging – an amazing holographic box! It is sturdy and you get a lot of product in each pan. The texture of some of the powders are a bit chalky, but I found that only to be the case when I was swatching them with my finger. When the product is applied with a brush, it is a lot smoother on the skin. 

Swatches in natural light

Overall, I am obsessed with this palette. I absolutely love every single shade. I think only one wouldn’t work on my skin tone as a highlighter and that is the peachy bronze tone – but this would make an awesome eyeshadow instead. 

I think the palette would be more suited to lighter skin tones – but for a bold look, it would look stunning on a deeper skin tone, especially that lilac shade (think Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Matchstix in ‘Unicorn’). 

To buy your Makeup Revolution Ultra Cool Glow palette, click here

Kerry x

Technic Prism Collection | Princess Powders, Rainbow Highlighter & Starry Eyes

If you haven’t heard of Technic before, then here’s the low-down. They are an extremely affordable makeup brand, bringing you innovative and cute products which are quick and easy to use. I have been following the company on Instagram for a while now and was excited to see the launch of this Prism range, which includes highlighting powders, lip toppers and cream eyeshadows. You can purchase their products trough various online retailers and I went with Amazon for mine. They also offer free delivery – woohoo!

Technic Prism Starry Eyes | Celestial – £2.99


I had to purchase this product as an ‘add on’ item on Amazon. I will say first off that this is not an eyeshadow cream as advertised. It doesn’t have a creamy texture of any kind, but that’s not to say I don’t like it. I actually find the finish of this product very pretty and also surprisingly long-wearing for its low price tag. I have actually been using this as an eyeshadow topper to make matte eyeshadows pop, or even on eyeshadow-free eyelids for a pretty hint of shimmer. The product contains pink, silver and purple micro glitters which, when they catch the light, look really pretty. This is a convenient product in that it is quick and easy to apply and instantly adds something special to your makeup look. For the price, this is a good addition to your makeup bag. Get yours here.

Technic Prism Princess Powders | Highlighting Powder – £2.95

L to R – Fairy Sparkle Dust, Cosmic Cotton Candy, Solar Sister, Goddess of the Galaxy

This cute quad of highlighting powders is pretty and unique. The four shades offer versatility for most skin tones and for less than three pounds for four highlighting powders, you really can’t go wrong. These eyeshadows are buildable and don’t pack a punch straight away, but I like to have the option to build colour as there’s less chance of me going wrong. The compact itself is very travel friendly and also has a handy little mirror inside the lid. I also love how the shades are named – and what cool names they are too! These highlighters contain different coloured micro glitters – this isn’t everyone’s thing I know, but I think they would look brilliant at a night party as the glitters look beautiful when they catch the light. I also think they look nice on the shoulders and body in the sunshine (if you have any!). I love these and I really can’t get over the value for money. Get yours here.

Technic Prism Rainbow Highlighter – £2.98


If you’ve been reading my blog for long enough, you’ll know that I love to review a good rainbow highlighter. I’m a real sucker when it comes to these and like to think that I own most of those which have been released now. This one is surprisingly good. Once again, it does contain a hell of a lot of micro glitter but I feel this adds an extra dimension to the rainbow effect. This is also very pigmented and each individual colour is very pretty. The main reason I love this rainbow highlighter is because when the colours are all swirled together, it makes a gorgeous colour, predominantly lilac. Most rainbow highlighters when swirled together, tend to show the green or blue shade more, which is not the look I want to achieve from my highlighter. I prefer pink and purple tones. Get yours here.

Kerry x

Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Skin Frost Highlighter in Princess Cut

I’ve never really been Jeffree Star’s biggest fan and haven’t watched many of his videos until recently, but I have to admit I have a bit of an obsession with looking at swatches of his Skin Frost Highlighters and getting a bit excited about them. The range of shades and the uniqueness of them is just stunning and to be honest, it was pretty difficult to choose just one. I went with Princess Cut in the end, as I felt it was best for my light/medium skin tone.

Look at that glow!

I ordered my Skin Frost from Beauty Bay as this is the only website in the UK where they are currently available. The highlighter was packaged in a gorgeous pink box, with Jeffree’s logo on the front. The pan itself is HUGE – you get a lot of product for your money. Inside the lid is a nice big mirror too – perfect for my massive face.

Princess Cut swatched in natural lighting (WOW!)

As you can see from the swatch above, this highlighter is bloody blinding. It actually hurts my eyes to look at it! I am in love with the colour – a very light lilac with a silver reflect. It’s beautiful.

The one downside for me – it’s a tad chunky on the skin. If I apply this to my nose it looks pretty horrendous and like I’ve sprinkled glitter on myself for fun. This is made worse by the oils that tend to occur on my nose throughout the day. A bit of a shame really, but it looks amazing on the top of my cheekbones and it really stays put ALL DAY.

To buy your own Skin Frost from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, visit Beauty Bay here.

Kerry x

xoBeauty Radiant Glow Highlight Powder in Aurora

As you know and as I keep telling you, highlighters are my favourite makeup products to collect and apply. So my favourite products, combined with my favourite beauty guru equals a massive win for me. When Shaaanxo announced the release of her two new highlighters, I just couldn’t wait to order myself one from xoBeauty in New Zealand.

I was most interested in this highlighter because it isn’t advertised as a ‘blinding’ one, but more as a ‘radiant glow’. Every highlighter I own to date is over the top shimmery and don’t get me wrong, I do love this, but more subtle highlights have appealed to me recently.

The packaging is absolutely stunning and matches the lipsticks (which I also wrote a review on, read it here) with the mirrored casing. You receive 10g of product inside the case, which closes securely, with what I think is a magnetic fastening. It’s a gorgeous little compact, with a mirror in the lid, perfect to carry around with you.

Now, another cool thing about this highlighter is that it isn’t just used in the ‘usual’ way. Due to its buildable texture, the highlighter can also be applied lightly all over the face for a blurring effect. If subtlety isn’t your thing, then you can wet your brush and apply it with that. So far, I have just been using it with a dry brush on my cheekbones and nose. To be honest, I haven’t gone a day since receiving it, where I haven’t worn it. I’ve received a lot of highlighters in the post over the last week or so, including a Jeffree Star one, but I keep coming back to this one.

xoBeauty Radiant Gow Highlighter in Aurora Swatched

Overall I’m impressed with the quality and versatility of this product. The powder itself is beautifully, finely milled and so easy to work with and not heavy on the skin. I love its buildable nature and also the colour which is a champagne pink. It really is ‘Photoshop in a compact’!

To order yours, visit xoBeauty Shop here.
Kerry x

Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighter | Sunlight Mood Lights

I treated myself to a mini Makeup Revolution haul this week and have so many beautiful and exciting products to share with you! First up are these stunning gradient highlighters. 

I will be focusing specifically today on the shade Sunlight Mood Lights. These highlighters are a budget friendly dupe of the Kevyn Aucoin Neo Bronzers (£47 on Cult Beauty here) and are only £4. 

One thing I will say is, I am unsure as to why they are sold as ‘highlighters’, they are definitely more appropriately used as blushers. You could possibly dip your brush into the very lightest shade on the far left and use that as a subtle highlighter, but these are predominantly a blush.  

Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighters Sunlight Mood Lights – Swatches

I swatched the product with three fingers and just took some product from each third of the palette, as shown in the photo above. I mixed all of the gradient together on my brush to create the blush I am wearing in the photo below. 

Sunlight Mood Lights is definitely my favourite of the three palettes. I love a peachy toned Blush as I wear a lot of peachy browns on my eyes and they compliment each other perfectly. 

The lighter shade in the product isn’t the most pigmented, but is easily buildable. The darker the colour gets, the more pigmented it becomes. To be honest, I like my blushers to be buildable as I like to avoid the clown look! 

To buy your own Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighters visit TAM Beauty here

Kerry x

Fab or Fad? ~ MUA Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter in Ice Sparkle

With the word ‘sparkle’ in the product name, I just had to give this highlighter a go! I was also drawn to the blue tone like a moth to the flame. Blue highlighter? How will I not look like an Ice Queen? 

This is one of three new highlighters from MUA – an affordable but good quality brand. I’ve previously reviewed the same product in the shade Opalescent Amber. Read that one here.  

Finger Swatch

As you can see from the swatch, it is VERY BLUE. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a stunning colour but during the swatching stage I was getting gradually more terrified about applying it to my face. How can this look good?

Swatched without primer
Swatched with primer

Well, I plucked up the courage this morning and applied it to my cheek bones. I did try putting it on my nose, as I normally would, but it looked frankly ridiculous. Think Adventure Time Ice King. 

I had a minimal makeup day today, so I applied the highlighter over just primer and a bit of concealer. I tested it in three different lighting situations for you because I was desperately trying to make it work. 

Natural Light
Ring Light
Camera Flash

As usual my camera hasn’t picked up the tones that I wanted it to, but this looks much more blue in real life. My husband actually thought I’d accidentally got something on my face! 

Final verdict – FAD! 

Yes it’s very pigmented and looks beautiful in the packaging, but I really don’t see how a blue swipe of shimmer is flattering on your skin? It looks cold and a bit like a fancy dress makeup look colour. If I ever decide to create a Halloween unicorn/mermaid/alien/snowflake makeup look then this highlighter will be the first thing I reach for. Now that’s an idea… 

I absolutely love the other MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighters and highly recommend them. They are also a bargain £3 for a lot of product. You can get them from the MUA website here or Superdrug here

Just avoid this one… 

Kerry x