Essibea | Unique and Pretty Pieces for your ‘Girl-Cave’ 

A couple of weeks ago, I received a lovely message on Instagram from Stacey of the online store Essibea asking to share one of my photos of her shop page. I felt so flattered that someone liked both my photography and the makeup look I had created (see the look here). This was also a huge compliment because Stacey is super talented herself – her online store is beautiful, with carefully selected quirky and unique products, all shown off perfectly with her brilliant photography. Stacey was lovely enough to send me a box of treats and I thought I’d share a few with you today!

Beauty Junky Vanilla Lip Balm

I’ve owned this lip balm before and was so sad when it ran out. My local Boots stores don’t stock it anymore, so I couldn’t get my hands on a replacement. I was so happy to see that Essibea sell them though! Along with other Beauty Junky products, including other flavours of balm and hand creams. This lip balm is so adorable to look at – I just love the rose gold packaging and the domed balm inside. It is very softening on the lips too. Also in this photo you can see a keyring from Sass & Belle and door sign, both from Essibea (not currently on the website). Buy your lip balm here.

Mermaid Makeup Brush

This is by far my favourite Essibea product to date! It is just exactly what I look for in a makeup brush – soft bristles, good quality and the shape of a mermaid’s tail! It is also available in a rose gold option (which I’ll be purchasing soon!). I’ve found that this brush is brilliant for applying highlight to the cheekbones. Buy your own here.

Oh K! Nail Polish Remover Pot

I love the brand Oh K! They make cute, Korean inspired products for the home and beauty. This little nail polish remover pot is scented with jasmine, so doesn’t have that horrible nail polish remover smell, we all have to suffer through. It is a brilliantly quick way to remove your nail varnish, just open the lid, stick your nail in the sponge, twist your finger and Ta-Dah! Your polish is gone! Very handy for on the go. Buy yours here.

OH K! Coconut Water Fibre Face Mask

As you know, I love sheet masks and coconut – so combine the two and I’m in heaven! You get three masks inside the pack, which makes them excellent value for money. The masks are very cooling and nourishing. I did mine before bed and woke up with very soft skin. They also smell amazing! The masks mould to your skin and should be left on for up to 20 minutes. Just remove the mask afterwards and massage the leftover product into your face and neck – no rinsing required! Buy your own pack of masks here.


I hope that this sneak peek of some of the beautiful products available on the Essibea store has made you want to take a look at the site. Stacey set this business up on her own and has worked hard to make it as perfect as it is. She was inspired by women having their own ‘girl cave’ and beautiful things to go inside it. Why should men have all the cool stuff, hey? Check out the website here. I’ve heard whispers that Stacey will soon be making and selling her own range of phone cases (lots of glitter included!).

Take a look also at her Instagram for beautiful photography and products – @essibeaofficial

Kerry x

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YiLiANGA Anti-Freckle Essence BB cream 

As you’ll probably know by now, I’ve recently got into Korean beauty. This was thanks to my friends at Beaut East Sphere and awesome websites like (you can read about my haul here). Every now and then something catches my eye on the Wish app and I just have to give it a go – for the sake of the blog of course! I was drawn to this YiLiANGA BB Cream  because I have seen other BB creams from Korea which give the wearer enviable dewy skin, with light, airy coverage (I also ADORE the packaging!).

I ordered the product in the shade 1 – Light. This was too light for my skin tone to be honest and I looked like the walking dead when I put it on (pictures coming your way!). It comes in a very pretty lilac pink pot with a lid. The product is solid inside and it comes with a puff for application. I can’t stand a puff, so I used my brush one day and my beauty sponge another day.

The product was much more high coverage than I expected. I always imagine BB Creams to be light on the skin and for some imperfections to still show through. Once the product is broken down onto a brush/blender, it does move around on the skin quite easily.

To test the product I decided to prime my face beforehand. I then wet my beauty blender with my fixing spray and applied the BB Cream onto my face by dabbing with my sponge. It went on easily enough, but was quite patchy in places – for example around my nose. It also clung to any dry patches on my skin – so attractive.

In the photo below, I have applied the product to half my face. as you can see, the coverage is pretty full on and has covered up my redness well.

This is my ‘On the verge of getting a cold’ face

I applied the cream to the rest of my face and carried out my makeup routine as normal – setting my face with a powder, bronzing, adding blush and highlighting. I then sprayed with my setting spray. To be honest, before I’d even added the blusher, the BB cream was starting to separate on my skin in front of my eyes, especially on my nose. It felt incredibly drying too. I know that with a BB Cream you wouldn’t normally add all the extra product over the top, but I really don’t see this product as a cream, it is definitely more of a foundation.

Here’s a close-up of my skin after I finished my whole face –

As you can see, it made my skin look very dry and had a kind of ‘mottled’ look about it. It just felt incredibly uncomfortable on my skin. I didn’t take it off however, as I wanted to see how it lasted on my skin throughout the day.

It is now 7.45pm and I got home from a very sweaty run about half an hour ago. Looking in the mirror, the makeup really hasn’t moved at all. The texture still looks horrible, but the coverage is still there and you wouldn’t know that I’d been close to death only 30 minutes ago. It actually looks exactly the same as it did this morning when I applied it (photo above).

I think this product cost me around £3-4 and I will be using it again. I actually want to try it on a Summer’s day, with no other makeup on top. I also want to wait until my skin is feeling moisturised again, because at the moment it is dehydrated. We’ll see what the future holds for YiLiANGA Anti-Freckle Essence BB cream…

For now, it does look beautiful on display in my beauty area!

Kerry x

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YesStyle Korean Beauty Haul | With My Honest Opinions

I received some money for my birthday last month, so decided to put in my first order with I had been doing my research on Korean beauty products by watching some YouTube reviews – especially those by Shaaanxo – and had some products in mind for purchase. YesStyle provide Asian products ranging from fashion, lifestyle, and beauty and ship them worldwide. I focussed all of my attention on the beauty section of the site (of course!) and here’s what I bought –

Etude House Collagen Eye Patch – £2.01

I have previously written a post about Etude House (when I really had no clue about Korean beauty!) and their peel off eyebrow tint – which I really loved. I was excited to give these eye patches by the same brand a go. I have noticed a lot of creasing under my eyes recently and as well as being old age, I also put it down to dehydration. I wasn’t drinking enough water and found it to be affecting my skin. I wanted to give these a go to see if they could rehydrate the area under my eyes and make me feel bright and fresh again (and not old).

My under eye area felt much more plump after use and the creasing was a lot less apparent for a few days. I have been drinking a lot more water now to try and keep the effect that the eye patches left going for a bit longer.

Secret Key Snow White Cream 50ml – £7.45

The Secret Key Snow White Cream has a pearl and vitamin formula which helps to brighten up the complexion on the face. It isn’t moisturising enough on its own, so I’ve been using it over my usual daily moisturiser. It actually acts as a brilliant primer too! I do have some redness on my cheeks and have found that this cream does reduce the redness slightly. It doesn’t wow me, but it does feel nice on the skin. I have also worn it alone on no-foundation days.

BEAUTY PEOPLE – Miss 100 Super Waterproof Gel Eyeliner – £3.71

Ahhhh this product was so disappointing! I really wanted a bright shade to go in my waterline as it opens up your eyes and makes them look generally brighter and more awake. I also loved the packaging for this liner with the punk looking Snow White on the lid.

It swatches beautifully and I loved the colour – Glimmer Coral. However, when I try to apply this to my waterline or over my eyelid, nothing comes out! The formulation seems to be so waterproof that it won’t release any product unless you press very hard – something I’m definitely not going to do on my eye area. Am I doing something wrong? Please let me know if I am, or any other tips would be much appreciated!

Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Long Kinny Mascara – £6.87

Tony Moly is an extremely popular Korean beauty brand and I just love the products! The packaging on many of the items is adorable (just you wait for my final item!) and the prices are pretty good too. They are also cruelty free – a lovely bonus. This is a teeny tiny mascara, perfect for your bottom eyelashes and for getting right to the root of your top lashes. It does what it says on the tin (or box in this case).

Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheet – £2.28

Ever since meeting my friends at Beaut East Sphere and trying out their Polatam sheet masks for the first time, I’ve been hooked! Sheet masks are just amazing, easy to use and so nourishing on the skin. I always apply them before bed and my skin is glowing by the morning. This one from Tony Moly was no exception – my skin felt amazing after use and was sparkling for days. It was super hydrating too.

The cat ears headband is from Etude House by the way!

A’PIEUMineral Mono Shadow Matt (Rilakkuma Edition) – £3.64

I love Rilakkuma! He is a little bear created by the Japanese company San-X. I saw this solo eyeshadow in such a gorgeous, crease perfect shade and just had to snap it up. I really like the fact that he is also pressed into the powder too, although this does make me sad to use it!

Tony MolyPokemon Mini Cover Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ 9g – £8.22

OK, those of you who are close to me will know of my extremely geeky obsession with Pokemon. I have always loved them and have a very large collection of trading cards. I’m not ashamed to admit it! When I saw that Tony Moly have a whole range of Pokemon beauty items, I was very excited. I chose the Pikachu cushion BB cream, as Pikachu has to be my favourite.

This foundation comes in an amazing compact, with a mirror in the lid. The first section holds a little pad for application which is decorated like a Pokeball – how cute is that?

Under the next flap is the cushion itself, which holds the product. I’ve heard brilliant things about cushion foundations – you only use the amount of product you need, so nothing gets wasted. It is also very buildable. This BB cream/foundation is light coverage, but is also buildable. It gives the skin a lovely, glowy finish and is going to be perfect in the summer when I want something less cakey. I’m thinking of doing a separate review of this – let me know what you think.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my YesStyle haul. I did also purchase the cat ears headband by Etude House which you can find here. I got free delivery with my order which, once shipped, came very quickly. I also received a free gift which was a small bottle of O Hui Baby Collagen Softening Milk – another lovely skin treatment. A couple of products didn’t blow me away unfortunately, like the eyeliner. I’m hoping I can find another use for that one.

Well that concludes my Korean Haul! I hope you enjoyed it. Have you purchased any Korean products recently?

Kerry x

Beaut East Sphere – Blossom Jeju Pink Camellia Soombi Blooming Vitamin Face Cleanser

I have to begin by saying how happy I am that I discovered Beaut East Sphere on my Twitter travels. I’ve made a new friend in Chana, who runs the business with her husband and sister. They sell the most amazing Asian beauty products – you can see my first review of their face masks here

This face cleanser is by a Korean brand called Blossom Jeju. It is a gentle cleanser, with lots of cleaning power! It removes everyday impurities and all traces of makeup. When I say all traces, I really mean all! I have some very difficult to remove mascaras and this magic potion really makes it disappear! Even though it is effective at removing makeup, it doesn’t strip your skin of any moisture. 

I have been using this cleanser every evening to remove my makeup and also in the morning. It is so refreshing as it has a beautiful jasmine scent. It gets me thinking of Spring and that makes me very happy! 

This facial cleanser has a multitasking formula as the vitamins it contains work to tone, soothe and soften the skin.

To buy the Blossom Jeju Pink Camellia Soombi Blooming Vitamin Face Cleanser for yourself from Beaut East Sphere, click here.  

Kerry x

POLATAM Sheet Masks from Beaut East Sphere

These POLATAM sheet masks were sent to me last week by Beaut East Sphere, a wonderful online Asian beauty store. They launched last week and have the most amazing products. 

These masks are a Korean brand. POLATAM was founded by the actress Tam Hee Park, who wanted to create practical beauty products for everyday use. She understood the need for practicality when it comes to looking after your skin – she wanted a product she could wear whilst looking after her children or doing jobs around the home. She designed a light-weight, comfortable mask. 

The masks are all natural based, containing essence extracted from 100% Korean oak tree sap. There are absolutely no harmful ingredients in the masks, meaning your skin is safe from any nasties! Some other ingredients include – 

  • Rosemary – known for increase in skin resistance, vitality and energy to skin
  • Licorice – known for natural brightening effects and includes vitamins A, B and C
  • Green Tea – helps with hydration, skin protection and has anti aging effects

The sheet itself is made from cupra, which a material used in women’s lingerie and is softer than pure cotton. It is also known as a breathing fabric which will reduce skin irritation. 
Water Gel Extra Force Mask – Brightening (£6.50) 

Last night before bed, I tried the Brightening mask. This mask is good for its soothing a purifying qualities and is best for neutral and non-sensitive skin types. I love a mask that will revive my dull skin and this one definitely did the job. You can see the process on my Instagram story – @sparkle.with.kerry 

I did the mask at night, as Tam Hee Park recommends herself, as she says you’ll wake up with moisturised skin. My skin felt wonderful this morning – very refreshed and clear. It was a real treat to use this mask. 

Beaut East Sphere provided very cute step by step instructions with the masks. You wear for 10-15 minutes and then rub in any serum left behind by the product.  

Other masks in the range include – 

I’d highly recommend these masks if you’re after a good ol’ pamper session. They feel beautifully cooling on the skin and left amazing results. Beaut East Sphere are a wonderful, family run company with excellent subject knowledge. If you’re after some Asian beauty treats, then definitely check them out! They also have a 15% discount running at the moment, when you spend £50.

Kerry x

Beauty Product Review – Heng Fang Black Chrysanthemum Jelly Flower Lipstick 

I’ve been excited about this post because I find these lipsticks so pretty. It’s the Heng Fang Black Chrysanthemum Jelly Flower Lipstick. 

This lipstick is translucent and has a tiny dried flower inside. It smells sweet and is packaged in a lovely pink and rose gold tube. 

The lipstick glides on. As you can see from the swatch on my hand, it is very sheer. The colour claims to change colour with your body temperature, a bit like one of those 90s mood rings you may have had as a kid. “Am I in a bad mood today? Well my mood ring is red, so I must be!” I miss those days. 

The product was much more vibrant on my lips. It felt very moisturising and had good staying power. 

I absolutely love the colour. You can never go wrong with a pink lipstick! I’m so intrigued to see what will happen when I wear this down to the flower, I want to take it out and display it somewhere! 

Once again, I bought this lipstick through the Wish app and it was £1. Delivery didn’t take too long considering it was shipped from China. You can also find these on eBay, Amazon and AliExpress. They’re pretty popular at the moment. 

Kerry x 

BioAqua Collagen Nourish Lip Membrane

Welcome to a new series of posts where I will be testing out the wonderful world of Korean beauty. Korean beauty products have really come into the limelight recently, with rave reviews and people going crazy over the unique and innovative products with the cute packaging.

In this first review, I will be trying out the BioAqua Collagen Nourish Lips Membrane. I’ve seen these little jelly lip masks on a few makeup tutorial videos and was desperate to try them out. I have the Wish app on my phone where they sell lots of Korean beauty products at amazing prices. These cost me a grand total of a pound and were delivered very quickly. If you’re new to Wish, you can find the app for Android here and i0s here.

I love the packaging on these! They’re very cute. The instructions were in Korean, so I had to do my research on the correct way to use them on this site. These masks are supposed to really nourish your lips as the collagen gets absorbed, leaving them smooth and moisturised.

I took this rather fetching photo of my lips before I started the process –


Now prepare yourself for some slightly manic, incredibly scary photos of yours truly posing with the mask on my mouth!

The below photo was taken when I was ‘having a lie down’ with the mask on. No, this wasn’t to have a few minute’s rest, this was actually to stop the thing sliding off of my face in an unattractive manner and slopping onto the floor.


I removed the mask after around 15 minutes (you should really leave it on for about 20, but I have a baby you know!) and rubbed the remaining liquid into my lips. Here’s the after photo –



You can see a slight difference, I feel my lips look much pinker and healthier. They were feeling pretty dry today due to the drop in temperature. To be honest, I can feel the difference instead of actually being able to see it. My lips feel amazing! I keep touching them (how hygienic!) and rubbing them together to feel the softness.

For £1, you really can’t go wrong. They also provide fantastic props for selfies on your own or with mates. If you can rope in an unsuspecting male to have a go, then you’re definitely on to some winning photos!

Kerry x