The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Unboxing – May 2017


Welcome to the May unboxing of  The Vegan Kind Beauty Box! This is a quarterly beauty box with high quality, well-chosen vegan friendly beauty products. Each box costs £15 plus P+P. I am a huge fan of this subscription box and really look forward to its arrival. Here’s a low down of this quarter’s products.

Maggie Anne Strawberry and Grape Nail Varnish Remover – RRP £8.95

I have received a Maggie Anne nail polish in a previous box and I loved the colour and finish. I’m looking forward to trying this polish remover – especially as the strawberry and grape scent sounds delicious! It is acetone free and enriched with argon oil and vitamin E.

Zerreau Waterless Towel Off Shampoo – RRP £3.99

This is a coconut scented, innovative alternative to your usual dry shampoo. Apply the foam to parted hair roots and massage in to lift and grease or dirt and then remove by towel drying your hair. The dirt lifted from your hair is removed by the towel! I’ll keep you updated with this product on my Instagram, because I haven’t tried it yet.

Amie New Leaf Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish – RRP Full Size £5.95

I have tried a few Amie products in the past and I really like their gentle formulas and the way they leave my skin feeling very soft. I gave this scrub a go and although it didn’t feel as ‘deep pore’ cleansing as it stated, it did leave my skin feeling nice. I have used better vegan scrubs in the past and this isn’t completely terrible, it just didn’t blow me away.

Aqua Esse Equilibrium B12 Infused Pure Alkaline Natural Spring Water – RRP £1.95

This bottle of water is just fascinatingly gorgeous! It is tinted pink, but has nothing unnatural in it and it just tasted like regular spring water! Mind. Blown. This water is perfect for vegetarians and vegans alike as it provides the B12 your body needs. I really enjoyed this water and felt quickly hydrated afterwards.

PHB Ethical Beauty Natural Black Mascara – RRP £15.95

So incredibly, this mascara has an RRP of more than the box costs itself! I have to say, this is one brilliant little mascara. It takes a lot to impress me in the world of mascaras, so many have tried and failed to plump up and lengthen my extremely short lashes. This brilliant little mascara added so much length to my lashes even after just one coat! I was so impressed!

The mascara also has a nice little applicator – something I prefer to a big brush which gets mascara all over my eyelids!

One coat applied to one eye
One coat applied to both eyes
Two coats after a few hours

To really put this mascara to the test, I also went for a run with it on and it stayed put!

This mascara is actually award winning. It is also water resistant and good for those with sensitive eyes. It also contains botanical oils to care for and naturally lengthen your lashes over time. I love it!

To subscribe to The Vegan Kind Beauty Box, click here. They also do a monthly food subscription box, you can find it here.

Kerry x

Budget Beauty – Aldi Lacura Beauty ~ Magic Curl Mascara

Yesterday I reviewed the Aldi Lacura Beauty 3D Effect Mascara and today it’s the Aldi Lacura Beauty Magic Curl Mascara! This mascara is also priced at £2.49.

The packaging is really cute, with a lovely sky blue bottle with a pink eye print on it. This mascara has a curved brush as pictured below. 

I applied the mascara to one eye first, so you could see the difference. I have the world’s shortest eyelashes as you can see below!

And here it is finished on both eyes!

Before and after –

Now it’s time to be honest! For a brilliant £2.49 this is a great start out mascara. You can’t really go wrong for that price. It is easy to apply and the brush has a brilliant curve to it which lifts the lashes. However, you need to apply a lot of product to achieve any impact. I also found that little bits broke off during the day and settled under my eyes (just the look I was going for). The curl didn’t last either and my lashes started to sag. The 3D Effect Mascara definitely had a better, more lightweight formula.

Out of the two I recommend yesterday’s Aldi Lacura Beauty 3D Effect Mascara and not this one.

Kerry x

Budget Beauty – Aldi Lacura Beauty ~ 3D Effect Mascara

I have seen a lot of good things online about Aldi Lacura Beauty recently. I am a member of a beauty conversation group on Facebook and the mascaras by the supermarket have been a hot topic of conversation. I went out yesterday and bought the 3D Effect Mascara and the Magic Curl Mascara. Today’s review is of the 3D Effect Mascara.

Just look at that brush!

The mascara packaging claims that it will give your eyelashes ‘curve, fullness and length. Three dimensional perfection’.

In the photo below I have applied the mascara to just one eye.

What a result! I am so impressed with this mascara, it glides onto the lashes beautifully and hasn’t smudged at all today. I did apply powder under my eyes to set my concealer though, so not sure how it would perform without this. 

My lashes definitely look longer and fuller, especially my bottom lashes. 

Here’s a before and after photo, just to show how fabulous this mascara really is!

The Lacura Beauty 3D Effect Mascara is available in Aldi stores and costs an incredible £2.49! It is a very lightweight formula which means my lashes don’t sag down throughout the day and have kept the lovely curl the mascara helped produce. 

Have you tried any Aldi Lacura Beauty products?

Coming tomorrow, a review of the Aldi Lacura Beauty Magic Curl Mascara

Kerry x


Here are some brilliant photos I received from Leanne using this mascara after reading my recommendation. I love seeing your photos based on my recommendations, so please send them in! 

Budget Beauty – P.S PRO Mascara from Primark

Here’s a quick post just to share my recent super Budget Beauty find. It’s the P.S PRO High Definition Mascara from Primark. It’s a bargain at £3. 

This mascara really delivers. I can definitely see a big difference in the length and volume of my eyelashes. The formulation is easy to apply and doesn’t smudge. The applicator is great – I prefer this type as they don’t have long bristles that hit your eyelids and make a mess!

Here’s the mascara applied to one eye only.

And both eyes –

And here’s a selfie just because I was pleased with the outcome!

Do you use any Primark products? Do you have a particular favourite? I’d love to hear from you!

Kerry x

Budget Beauty – The Poundland Make-up Challenge! 

This weekend I set myself a Budget Beauty challenge. This time I decided to shop at Poundland and see if I could do a whole face of make-up for under £10. Was it possible? Here’s what I bought – 

I spent a grand total of £8 and managed to get products for every part of my face. Poundland’s make-up range is called Make Up Gallery. Without meaning to sound too snobby, I wouldn’t normally even glance at the make-up section in Poundland as it’s not normally a shop I would associate with buying make-up from. However, I’ve been having a play with the products I purchased today and I must say that I’m very impressed. Here’s a run-through of the look I created and the ratings I have for each product.

Foundation – Make Up Gallery Gorgeous Flawless Long Lasting Foundation

I wasn’t able to get the foundation shade which was close to my skin tone, so had to get a shade darker. I was very impressed with the creamy texture of this product and the coverage from the small amount I squeezed onto my hand (pictured below) was fantrastic. I applied it with my Real Techniques foundation brush.

Make Up Gallery Gorgeous Flawless Long Lasting Foundation – Rating 3/5

Eyes – Make Up Gallery Glide Away Eyeshadow Stick, Chick Flick Eyeliner and Never-Ending Story Lengthening Mascara

I chose eye make-up with the theme of a night out in mind. I went for the shimmery eyeshadow stick (shade unknown, sorry!) and a glittery eyeliner. 

As you can see, the eyeshadow swatches beautifully. Being completely honest, the eyeliner was quite difficult to use. The applicator brush was teeny and difficult to get much product onto. 

Below you will see photos of the completed look, which I was very pleased with. I used the eyeshadow stick all over my lid and in the water line to open up my eyes. I applied a tiny amount of the eyeliner along my lash line.

I love the name of the mascara! So sweet! This mascara has excellent staying power.I am always concerned about panda eyes so usually wear waterproof mascaras. However I didn’t have any issues at all. It also did as it said and definitely made my eyelashes look longer. It is a conditioning formula which contains panthenol and keratin. Here’s the finished eye look –

Make Up Gallery Glide Away Eyeshadow Stick – Rating 3/5

Chick Flick Eyeliner – Rating 2/5

Never-Ending Story Lengthening Mascara – Rating 3/5

Concealer – Make Up Gallery Hide & Chic Concealer Natural Coverage 

This is the lightest shade Ivory. It went into the skin smoothly and blended well when I used my beauty blender. I used it under the eyes and on blemishes. 

Rating – 4/5

Cheeks – Make Up Gallery Good to Glow Highlighter and Feeling Blush Blusher

As you will probably know by now, I absolutely love a good highlighter and this one is just fantastic! It is highly pigmented and beautifully glowy. I applied it to the high points of my face with a blusher brush.

Rating – 5/5

The blusher is gorgeous too and a little goes a long way. It’s the shade Coral Rose and is the perfect shade for this season. It will be featured again in my upcoming Autumn make-up post.

Rating – 5/5

Lips – Make Up Gallery Pout Matters Matt Lip Colour

I went for the shade vintage pink as I felt it went beautifully with the other products. As you can see, it swatched beautifully.

It has a very creamy texture and the brush makes it easy to apply. I absolutely adore the shade and know that it will be a staple item this Autumn. It has good staying power until I ate, but a quick top up solved that problem.

Rating – 4/5

Everything on my face in the photo above is from Poundland (apart from my eyebrows where I used Rimmel London Brow This Way).

Overall I’m very pleased with my purchases from Poundland. To be able to do a whole face of make-up for only £8 is amazing. It just goes to show that make-up doesn’t always have to break the bank to be any good. I’m absolutely in love with a few of the products here and can’t wait to experiment some more with them. That highlighter is just on point!

You can buy from Poundland and Make Up Gallery here

Kerry x

Makeup Masterclass with Love Moi Makeup and Lancome

On Thursday evening, my friend Emily and I went to Debenhams for a Makeup Masterclass with Emily of Love Moi Makeup and Lancome. We were both super excited to be attending and we weren’t disappointed. 

We were greeted with the offer of Prosecco and knew we were in for a good night (even if we did both just opt for orange juice or tea!). We had a gorgeous goody bag to look through whilst we waited. 

Inside the bag was – 

  • Anti-stress moisturising day and night creams
  • Galateis Douceur – Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid
  • Tonique Douceur – Softening Hydrating Toner
  • La Base Pro – Illuminating Makeup Primer
  • Advanced Genifique – Youth Activating Concentrate 
  • L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick 
  • Hypnose Mascara Volume

Once everyone had arrived for the evening, Emily (the makeup artist, not my friend Emily!) began the tutorial. She used only Lancome products and a lot of them were new. She showed us how to do a smoky eye look with a nude lip. Here’s the finished look – 

I was particularly impressed with the new cushion foundation which had lovely, build-able coverage and looked gorgeous on the model’s skin. The blusher used was also a cushion one and was very vibrant, but looked beautiful on the skin. We were able to try some of the products and I was particularly impressed with the primer – it made the skin on my hand feel so unbelievably smooth, I’m tempted to use it as a hand cream! 

After trying the products in my goody bag, I’m absolutely loving the Lancome range. I’ve never owned any of their products before, but will be purchasing myself the mascara as it doesn’t leave me with panda eyes and makes my lashes look so long and not clumpy. I just love it! 

Overall I had a brilliant evening. Emily was very professional and approachable. She is available for lots of occasions, including wedding makeup and covers many areas of the country. If you’re in the Norwich area, make sure you book yourself onto one of her upcoming classes and you won’t be disappointed.

From the Love Moi Makeup Facebook Page

You can find the Love Moi Makeup website page here

Do you own any Lancome products? What do you think of them? 

Kerry x 

Too Faced Totally Cute Palette – Look 1

Hi guys!
So today I filmed a Get Ready with Me video for the Too Faced Totally Cute eyeshadow palette. Wow, that was an insight! I now know that I pull some funny faces when applying make up!

Here it is – laugh along, I don’t mind! –

For the look I used –

Unicorn – whole eyelid and brow bone

I ❤️ TF – in the crease

Meow! – As an eyeliner under the eye and on the outer top lash line

And here’s the completed look – 

So, what do you think? Look 2 coming soon!

Kerry x

My Beauty Favourites – July 2016

Hi Readers!

This is the first of many monthly posts about my favourite beauty essentials. I hope you’ll keep checking in to see the products I have to review which will include both old, reliable favourites and the new kids on the beauty block. I have included links for each product, should you wish to buy one yourself.

COCOYOU Coconut Oil

As you may already know from my previous coconut oil post, I absolutely love this stuff! I eat coconut oil, drink coconut oil and use it on my face and body. I put it on my face each night to keep wrinkles and dry skin at bay. I love how soft my skin feels in the morning. I also put some in the ends of my hair to stop them getting dry and split. There are so many uses for this miracle product and recently Lucy Bee (the queen of coconut oil!) has released a book which suggests tons of beauty uses for coconut oil. I will be buying that book next month – keep your eyes peeled for a review!

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate 15 Year Collection

I am so in love with this lipstick! It is one of five shades created by Kate Moss with Rimmel to celebrate her 15 year collaboration with them. I got this in the shade Boho Nude, but to be honest all of them are beautiful.

 I am always a bit dubious about buying lipsticks that claim they will stay on your lips for hours and hours, but I have to say this one does hang around for quite a long time! I did notice that some of the product came off when I ate my lunch, etc. but it was still visible on my lips afterwards. The lipstick is also very moisturising, which is a big plus point especially as I wear a lot of matte lipsticks which have a tendency to dry my lips out. They’re currently part of a ‘Buy one get one half price’ offer in Boots at the moment, so I bought the eyebrow gel too – another brilliant product.

Tanya Burr Peachy Glow Palette

Ahh I love this palette so so much! It’s a real bargain too! I love peachy toned makeup at the moment as it makes my blue eyes pop and it is perfect for the summer. The powders in this product are highly pigmented and very little product is needed for a beautiful finish. I have a feeling I will have this palette for a very long time! 

I will be doing a FOTD vlog in the next week or so featuring this product along with the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, so look out for that one!

L’Oreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Hippie Mascara – Waterproof

I will let the photos do the talking with this mascara! It’s the best mascara I’ve had in a long time. I have incredibly short eyelashes and have always struggled to find a mascara which both thickens them out and lengthens them. This mascara does the job beautifully.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read my post.

Let me know – what are your beauty favourites this July?

Kerry x

Faces Wanted! 

Just a quick post to put out a request to my gorgeous Sparkle With Kerry readers. I’m looking for faces for my blog. Random, I know, so let me elaborate further…

I’m currently enrolled on a makeup artistry course where I am learning about many aspects of makeup application. One of my modules is ‘Understanding the Client’ and I need your help. If you would like your face featured on my blog and some free advice on what makeup looks I think would suit you, then send me your photos to I just require a photo of your face please, with or without makeup.  Also include details of any issues you may have with skin or makeup or if you have an event you are attending and if you’re looking for advice for that. 

Any questions, get in touch either in the comments or via email. Can’t wait to hear from you! 

Kerry x