Makeup Revolution Pro HD Glow Getter Highlighter Palette | Review and Swatches

For the last few months I have been gaining experience as a makeup artist by joining my photographer friend on any shoots he invites me along too. When prepping for a shoot, I love going through my makeup and picking out the perfect products for the lovely models. When I saw that Makeup Revolution had put together this gorgeous highlighter palette, I knew straight away that it would be perfect to go into my kit bag. 

The style of this palette really reminds me of the pricey Ofra one On the Glow (find it here), but is a fraction of the price at just £15. You receive eight highlighters in this well packaged and good-sized palette and a lot of product for your money.

I love the range of colours – peaches, champagne, lilacs, a mint green and many more! I’m also in love with the multi-highlight pans which have complimentary colours placed together (once again, very much like Ofra’s Beverly Hills). 

Left to Right – Rose Gold Kiss, Champagne Kiss, Dream Kiss, Glow Kiss, Golden Kiss, Peach Gold Kiss, Prismatic Kiss, Mint Kiss

The highlighters from the Kiss range were released a while ago by Makeup Revolution and I reviewed one back then (Ice Kiss). Since then they have redesigned the packaging and released more shades in the range. 

The highlighters themselves pack a real punch and are just the most beautiful colours. As you can see from the swatches, they are very pigmented and very stunning colours. It was hard to pick which one to apply this morning! I went with Champagne Kiss and it is just so lovely! 

They are quite glittery, which I really enjoy but I understand not everyone likes that in a highlighter. Makeup Revolution also released Brighter Than My Future, a more bronze based palette, more suitable for medium/dark skin tones. Check this one out too, it’s beautiful! 

To buy your own Glow Getter Highlighter Palette, click here

Kerry x 

MUA Makeup Academy Prism Loose Powder Highlighter | Star Illusion

When I saw MUA had released a new loose powder highlighter as part of their new Prism range, I just had to give it a try. I don’t actually own any of these types of highlighter, so have been very intrigued to see what the excitement is all about. Firstly, I was surprised by the size of the pot it came in – it’s a decent size! There is 18g of powder inside too, which is a lot as it is very finely milled. I love the lid of the pot too – so sleek and classy in black plastic with holographic font on the top. It looks beautiful when it catches the light. Under the lid is a little sifter, perfect for controlling the amount of powder that comes out.

On first glance the powder looks white, but when you look closely it reflects pink in the light. A little goes a long way with this product. I poured the tiniest amount of it onto my hand for the swatch below and it seemed to blend out forever!

Yesterday morning I got the urge to create a pretty Halloween makeup look and this highlighter was perfect for the occasion. I attempted mermaid makeup and used the highlighter over pretty much all of my face. I applied it to the high points of my face as per, but then added a bit less product around these areas. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of this highlighter, especially considering its very low price tag of £5.

To buy your own MUA Prism Loose Powder Highlighter, click here. Or to see other products in the Prism range, click here.

Kerry x

Lavera | Natural, Organic and Vegan Beauty Products

 I have been in contact with Ingrid Hume from Pravera for a while now and she has kindly sent out some high-quality and beautiful natural products to me. You may have previously read my post on Benecos Cosmetics (if not, click here) where I gave them a glowing review. Now it’s the turn of the brand Lavera – a natural, organic and vegan beauty brand.

I created the look pictured below, using the products I was sent. Here’s a run down of everything I used and how I used it.


Lavera Illuminating Eyeshadow Quattro Indian Dream 03 – 4 x 0.5g

This eyeshadow quad is just STUNNING. My mind went into overdrive when thinking of all the looks I could create using just these four colours. I love the mix or peachy pinks and golds with khaki greens. They just match beautifully. I’m really into khaki eye makeup at the moment, so was very excited to try this out.

Swatches in natural light
Swatches taken with a flash



Here I created a very simple look using the mini palette. I used my Benecos single eyeshadow in Mauve in the crease, as I like to use matte shades there. I then used the pink colour over three quarters of my lid, starting from the inner corner. On the outer corner I used the peachy/gold tone. Along the lower last line I used a tiny amount of both of the green/gold colours.

Lavera Mineral Sun Glow Powder Duo – Golden Sahara 01 – 9g

This bronzer has a beautiful texture and consistency and blends like a dream. The colour is very buildable and I would say it looks much darker in the pan than it actually is. You can use the colours singly, or swirl them together with a brush. I mix them together as I find this to be the perfect match for my skin tone. I applied the bronzer just below the cheek bones, around the forehead and perimeter of my face. I love how glowy it made me look!

Left to right- lightest shade, darkest shade, both mixed together

Lavera Organic Highlighter 4g – 03 Golden Shine

Wow, this little highlighter really packs a big punch! It is a cream product, so is best used before a powder. I have particularly enjoyed this on no-foundation days as it gives me maximum glow without all the other products. It’s been brilliant on these hot days we’ve been having. I applied the highlighter to the usual places where a glow is very welcome – cheekbones, bridge and end of nose, Cupid’s bow and brow bone.

Swatched in natural light
Swatched with a ring light
Applied to the cheekbones. Taken with ring light

Lavera So Fresh Rouge Powder – Plum Blossom 02

Sorry guys, but here’s another product I just LOVE! I really don’t have anything negative to say about any of the Lavera products I’ve tried. This blush is pigmented, creamy, buildable and easy to blend out. It looks just stunning on the cheeks for that ‘glowing from within’ look. It is a plum toned powder, with a shimmer. I applied this to the apples of my cheeks.

Swatched in natural light
Swatched with a ring light


I’m so pleased with how these products transferred onto my face. They have brilliant staying power too – I’ve even been for a run this evening and the eyeshadows haven’t creased! These are lovingly made, high-quality beauty items. I’m excited to try more from the range. Lavera also have skin, bath, baby, men’s, dental and other products to name just a few. Definitely check them out on Pravera here.

What do you think of my finished look?

Kerry x

Makeup Tutorial using the Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Contour Light & Shade Palette

This beautiful eyeshadow palette has been surrounded by a lot of controversy over the last week, when Kat Von D herself posted a very angry Instagram photo calling out Makeup Revolution for completely copying her Shade & Light palette. The whole reason I wanted this palette for myself was because of the fact it was such an incredible dupe of the ridiculously overpriced original. Of course the quality will be better, but I really can’t justify spending £37 on an eyeshadow palette.

I had been after this palette a while and it had been out of stock on TAMbeauty. I was so happy to find in in my local Superdrug however, and have been putting it to the test ever since! I have to say that I absolutely love this palette. It was a brilliant £8 and there are so many neutral looks to be created with it. The palette is split into three quads of complementary neutrals.


I had a go at putting together a look for you to try – let me know if you give it a go!Firstly, set your primer/concealer with the light shade all over the lid up to the brow bone

Next, I added this very light, almost peachy shade along my crease


This brick red shade was placed on my outer corner and along my lower lash line

I then placed this light brown all over my lid and stopped below my crease

Finally, I used a darker brown as a kind of eyeliner along my upper lash line



This is a very subtle look, suitable for everyday wear.

The palette is still sold out on TAMbeauty, but you can purchase it online at Superdrug (with free delivery!) here.

Kerry x

Fab or Fad? ~ MUA Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter in Ice Sparkle

With the word ‘sparkle’ in the product name, I just had to give this highlighter a go! I was also drawn to the blue tone like a moth to the flame. Blue highlighter? How will I not look like an Ice Queen? 

This is one of three new highlighters from MUA – an affordable but good quality brand. I’ve previously reviewed the same product in the shade Opalescent Amber. Read that one here.  

Finger Swatch

As you can see from the swatch, it is VERY BLUE. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a stunning colour but during the swatching stage I was getting gradually more terrified about applying it to my face. How can this look good?

Swatched without primer
Swatched with primer

Well, I plucked up the courage this morning and applied it to my cheek bones. I did try putting it on my nose, as I normally would, but it looked frankly ridiculous. Think Adventure Time Ice King. 

I had a minimal makeup day today, so I applied the highlighter over just primer and a bit of concealer. I tested it in three different lighting situations for you because I was desperately trying to make it work. 

Natural Light
Ring Light
Camera Flash

As usual my camera hasn’t picked up the tones that I wanted it to, but this looks much more blue in real life. My husband actually thought I’d accidentally got something on my face! 

Final verdict – FAD! 

Yes it’s very pigmented and looks beautiful in the packaging, but I really don’t see how a blue swipe of shimmer is flattering on your skin? It looks cold and a bit like a fancy dress makeup look colour. If I ever decide to create a Halloween unicorn/mermaid/alien/snowflake makeup look then this highlighter will be the first thing I reach for. Now that’s an idea… 

I absolutely love the other MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighters and highly recommend them. They are also a bargain £3 for a lot of product. You can get them from the MUA website here or Superdrug here

Just avoid this one… 

Kerry x

Fun Valentine’s Day Makeup

Yay, I’m so excited about this one! Baby J had a long nap this afternoon, so instead of cleaning, doing the washing, blah, etc. I played around with my makeup collection! I’ve been planning a Valentine’s look for a couple of weeks and I really hope you like it. It’s quite OTT in some places, but you can use what you want from it. I took a no makeup selfie to start with, for a bit of ‘before and after’.

I haven’t gone into detail over my whole face prep, as I’ve done that before in my Christmas look and it hasn’t really changed much since then. I’ve taken a photo of everything I used and here is the list –

  • Soap & Glory Speed Plump Moisturiser
  • Carmex lip balm
  • L’Oreal True Match Foundation in Vanilla Rose
  • L’Oreal True Match Concelaer in Vanilla
  • MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as an eye primer
  • Collection Precision Contour
  •  Collection Eyebrow Definer
  • PS… Pro HD Mascara

I have put the focus of this post onto my eye makeup, as it’s the statement part of the whole look. For eyeshadow I used the amazing Makeup Revolution 144 Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette Collection 2017 (an amazing £10!) I’ve written about it before here.

I’ve taken step-by-step photos as I feel it’s easier to show you what I did, you can also see what brushes I used for each part of the eye, they’re from the Spectrum Eye Blending Set.

  1. I applied a peachy nude to my whole lid and up to the brow bone

2. A light pink in my crease

3. I went over the crease again with this darker pink shade

4. The darkest pink in that column was then applied to my outer corners

5. I used the neon pink as a liner on half of my under eyes

6. I then used the bright lilac on the other half of my under eye and blended them together for a gradient effect

7. I used a bright, shimmery, light pink on the centre of my lids

8. I completed the work with the shadows by applying Unicorns Heart highlighter – the pink shade – to the inner corners to make my eyes pop!

Here’s how it looked when they eye shadow process was complete –

To make the look fun and unique, I applied The Sparkles Store Valentine’s Mix loose glitter to my inner corners and then picked out the cute little hearts and stuck them with glitter fixing glue on my outer brow bone.


Now for the lashes! These are called #Sexy and are from Beauty Atelier Shop. You can purchase them here. You can also use this code – KER 10 – for free shipping, woohoo! The eyelashes are handmade and 100% silk. They are so comfortable to wear and create an instant car eye look! Beauty Atelier Shop also have other amazing and exclusive items that you need to check out. I will be uploading a video about some of their products in the next few days.

For highlight, I used Glitter Eyes highlight in the shade ThatGlo. My blush is from a palette in the Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas box.

And finally…lips. I used the awesome Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matt Lip Kit in Echelon .

And there we have it! I’m so pleased with the final result! Unfortunately, my camera didn’t pick up the prettiness of the highlighter, it has an iridescent pink shimmer in certain lights. Believe me when I say that it’s beautiful.


What will you be doing on Valentine’s Day?


Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 Sparkle with Kerry readers! Love you all!

Kerry x

Beauty Product Review – MUA Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter in Opalescent Amber

It’s time for another highlighter review! This one is the Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder in Opalescent Amber. 

As is the story of my life, I was a bit behind with learning about the Autumn trend of the ‘pumpkin spice latte’ highlighter. I stumbled across a YouTube video about it last week and went on the search. The original highlighter is by an Etsy shop called FeatherRiverBody, but is difficult to buy because it’s in high demand (think original rainbow highlighter!). I was delighted to find that Makeup Academy have their own version and it is only £3 on the MUA website or in Superdrug stores (they’re currently out of stock online).  

This highlighter has a beautiful pumpkin tone and when it hits the light it has golden flecks running through it also. 

This GIF demonstrates light passing over the highlighter
Opalescent Amber swatched on my hand

I applied the highlighter to the usual areas – 

  • Cheekbones 
  • Bridge and tip of the nose
  • Forehead, above the eyebrows 
  • Cupid’s bow
  • Chin

For only £3, there is a lot of high quality product. The colour is absolutely beautiful and unlike any highlighter I own. It goes very well with my neutral toned eyeshadow palettes, like my Morphe 35N. I will say that you do have to apply quite a lot to see the full beauty of it, but as there’s so much of the stuff, you won’t really mind. 

Makeup Academy do other shades of this highlighter –  in pinks and whites – definitely work checking out! 

If you’d like to purchase this highlighter, click here

Kerry x

Makeup Masterclass with Love Moi Makeup and Lancome

On Thursday evening, my friend Emily and I went to Debenhams for a Makeup Masterclass with Emily of Love Moi Makeup and Lancome. We were both super excited to be attending and we weren’t disappointed. 

We were greeted with the offer of Prosecco and knew we were in for a good night (even if we did both just opt for orange juice or tea!). We had a gorgeous goody bag to look through whilst we waited. 

Inside the bag was – 

  • Anti-stress moisturising day and night creams
  • Galateis Douceur – Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid
  • Tonique Douceur – Softening Hydrating Toner
  • La Base Pro – Illuminating Makeup Primer
  • Advanced Genifique – Youth Activating Concentrate 
  • L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick 
  • Hypnose Mascara Volume

Once everyone had arrived for the evening, Emily (the makeup artist, not my friend Emily!) began the tutorial. She used only Lancome products and a lot of them were new. She showed us how to do a smoky eye look with a nude lip. Here’s the finished look – 

I was particularly impressed with the new cushion foundation which had lovely, build-able coverage and looked gorgeous on the model’s skin. The blusher used was also a cushion one and was very vibrant, but looked beautiful on the skin. We were able to try some of the products and I was particularly impressed with the primer – it made the skin on my hand feel so unbelievably smooth, I’m tempted to use it as a hand cream! 

After trying the products in my goody bag, I’m absolutely loving the Lancome range. I’ve never owned any of their products before, but will be purchasing myself the mascara as it doesn’t leave me with panda eyes and makes my lashes look so long and not clumpy. I just love it! 

Overall I had a brilliant evening. Emily was very professional and approachable. She is available for lots of occasions, including wedding makeup and covers many areas of the country. If you’re in the Norwich area, make sure you book yourself onto one of her upcoming classes and you won’t be disappointed.

From the Love Moi Makeup Facebook Page

You can find the Love Moi Makeup website page here

Do you own any Lancome products? What do you think of them? 

Kerry x