Maybelline Gigi Hadid Lipsticks | Taura and Austyn | Review and Swatches

The Maybelline collaboration with Gigi Hadid was highly anticipated in the drugstore beauty world but unfortunately received mixed reviews. After watching many YouTube reviews and reading others, I decided to just try out the lipsticks. I chose a nude and a classic red – Taura and Austyn. 

Left – Austyn, Right – Taura

Taura is a classic nude lipstick, I would describe it as a ‘my lips but better shade’. Probably a bit more subtle than I wanted, but is nice for ‘no makeup’ looks and easy days. The formula itself is very nourishing and doesn’t dry out my lips at all. It’s described as a matte, but I’d say it’s a semi-matte. 


Although this lipstick is nourishing and quite pretty, for £8.99 it is a bit of a disappointment. It is not very long wearing at all and comes off as soon as you drink/eat/kiss. I’m so sad about this! 

Taura on the lips
Now, Austyn on the other hand is a lovely little lipstick. It is a bright, bold red with great pigment and much better staying power than Taura. It too is nourishing which I need in these cold months. 


The red is super bright. I love the undertones of orange  which make it a true festive red. 

Austyn on the lips

Both these lipsticks are available as lip kits and also with matching lip liner pencils. You can purchase them in Boots and Superdrug for £8.99. 

Kerry x

Benecos Natural Beauty – Product Reviews


Last week I was sent some gorgeous goodies from Benecos to review. Benecos produce natural, cruelty-free and vegan makeup and sell them at affordable prices. They also sell natural skincare, natural hair care and natural body care products which are all 100% natural with organic ingredients. In my package I received the Natural Light Fluid Foundation, Natural Lipstick in ‘Catwalk’ and two eyeshadows – Shimmery Eyeshadow in ‘Rose Quartz’ and Eyeshadow Matte in ‘Mauve Me’. I tried them all out today and here’s my honest review…

Benecos Natural Light Fluid Foundation in Dune – £7.16

This is a lightweight foundation which blends beautifully and evenly over the face. To apply it I used my Kabuki brush. I built up the coverage because I have some redness on my cheeks which I like to cover. The foundation coped very well with this and evened out my skintone effortlessly. I took a photo of the coverage on just half my face for comparison purposes.

The foundation on half of my face (my left side), after applying just one layer

The foundation contains organic, hydrating and nourishing ingredients including Avocado Oil and Argan Oil to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. It has a matte finish – perfect for me and my oily T-Zone! I also found that it lasted for a good few hours too and only started to cake slightly around my nose (no foundation has ever passed this test – trust me!). To purchase this foundation for yourself, click here.

Eyeshadows – Shimmery Eyeshadow in Rose Quartz and Eyeshadow Matte in Mauve Me

I received two beautiful eyeshadows, which perfectly compliment one another. I find that Mauve Me is perfect for the crease area, and have been reaching for it a lot.

Rose Quartz is a gorgeous shimmery shade, excellent for brightening up the eyes and I love to use it on the centre of the lid and inner corners for exactly this purpose. This would also make an absolutely stunning cheek highlight.

The eyeshadows are, of course, made from natural ingredients including Macadamia Oil and Sunflower Oil to help care for the delicate eye area. To buy yours, visit the eyeshadow section of the website here – there are lots to choose from!


  Benecos Lipstick in the shade Catwalk – £5.56




I love this lipstick colour! It’s an orange-toned red and is such a statement lip colour. It is very nourishing on the lips and glides on with ease.

It contains beneficial and kind ingredients including Olive Oil and Avocado Oil to keep your lips feeling soft and moisturised throughout the day. It is just beautiful! To purchase your own, click here or to see what other shades are available, click here.






Overall, I am very pleased with these products and the high quality payoff I get from them. They also have fantastic longevity and didn’t need touching up throughout the day (apart from the lipstick!). I especially rate the foundation as the coverage is excellent and so natural looking. It also made my skin look silky smooth and the colour was a perfect match for my skin tone!

Visit the Benecos website here to find out more about the brand. I just know you’ll love them too!

Kerry x

Romantic Bear Peel Off Lip Tints

I’m a sucker for fads. I like to try things that make the daily beauty routine a bit more fun. I’d seen peel off lip tints all over the internet so decided to buy a set.

These are the Romatic Bear peel off lip tints. Seeing that they were by an unknown brand called Romantic Bear should have been warning enough not to have hit the ‘Complete Purchase’ button. You can buy them for a cheap price on eBay or Wish, etc. As you can see the range comes in pinks, oranges and reds.

I picked out the shade ‘Sexy Red’ today under the illusion that it would live up to its name. I mean, who can turn down looking sexy, right?

When you squeeze the tube a sticky red gunk emerges – at this point I was already terrified and regretting ‘Sexy Red’ and my purchases all together.

I applied the product to my lips (rather badly I may add) and waited for the sticky mess to dry. I waited a long time, it never dried.

Sorry for the absolutely hideous photo below.I didn’t plan on taking a photo whilst I removed the product, but it was too good an opportunity to miss! Here I am trying to peel the product from my lips (and failing).

After a traumatic 15 minutes and my daughter looking at me and crying in sympathy, I finally managed to removed all the product from both my lips and teeth. No, it’s not supposed to go on your teeth, but mine managed to migrate there! Here’s a photo of me trying to pose with dried out, semi red lips, or should I say ‘Sexy Red’ (ha!) lips.

It did work, to an extent, but it really wasn’t worth the effort. I was also left with red stained fingers which made me look like I’d committed a very badly concealed murder.

My final verdict – absolute FAD!

Kerry x

Beauty Product Review – e.l.f Day to Night Lipstick Duo in Graphic Minimalist

This new lipstick duo is just fabulous! I love the whole concept of one neutral colour for the day time and a bolder colour for the night – all in one product! I purchased the shade ‘Graphic Minimalist’ which was designed by a pair of my favourite YouTubers Tracy and Stef of EleventhGorgeous. 

I especially love this daytime shade as I’m really enjoying the nude colours for lips at the moment. 

The night time shade will be perfect for my first wedding anniversary celebrations this weekend. Win!

You can purchase the lipstick duo on the e.l.f website here.

Do you own any e.l.f products? What would you recommend?

Kerry x