Sample Beauty The Cult Palette | Review and Swatches

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been so quiet on here recently – I have had a lot of MUA gigs and have also been working hard on my qualification. I’ve been having a think about the blog and my posts and have decided to trial keeping them short and sweet!

So here we have the Sample Beauty The Cult Palette!

This is an original offering from Sample Beauty, which had input from fans and followers.

There are 18 extremely pigmented shadows with can also be mixed together to create custom colours. It’s very clever and very magical!

I love how random the colours seem in the packaging – there isn’t a theme, just a selection of beautiful colours that will please everyone and just get my creative juices flowing!

To buy your own, click here (affiliate link)

Kerry x

Sample Beauty Kismet Palette | Review and Swatches

After receiving the beautiful Coax Palette from my husband for Christmas, I decided to treat myself to another palette from Sample Beauty. I fell in love with the bold colours and fantastic pigmentation, so went with another palette containing bright and unique shades – the Kismet Palette.

Inside the palette are 16 beautiful shades – 11 shimmers and 5 mattes. Once again, the mattes are absolutely incredible. So so pigmented and bold – use sparingly! The shimmers are stunning – I’m blown away by the brightness and beauty of the light blue shade on the bottom row, far left. I just had to use it on my eyes last night, even though my eyes are already blue, I couldn’t let that colour go to waste. The shimmers transfer to the eyes beautifully, I didn’t once have to wet my brush or use my finger for better pigment. Check out the swatches for yourself –

Kismet Palette – Top row in natural light
Kismet Palette – Bottom row in natural light

This palette also contains a very fair matte shade which matches my skin tone exactly (it doesn’t show up in the swatches). This eyeshadow is perfect for setting the primer on my eyelid and produces a nice, even base. My only downside to this palette is that there isn’t a suitable transition/crease shade for my skin tone. The browns are just a bit too dark to use in my crease – I’m really not brave enough! This wouldn’t be a problem for everyone though. Plus, I have plenty of eyeshadow palettes with neutral transition colours in them, so I’m really not fussed.

An eye look created using the palette – just look at that light blue in my inner corner!

I have to mention the packaging for this palette too.ย I love it! I love its simplicity – just a white outer cardboard case with the brand printed in black. It is also super slim-lined, without compromising the size of the pans – you get a lot of product for your money! There is a mirror inside the lid too – which you all know by now, is something I really appreciate.

To buy your own Kismet Palette, click here. You will not be disappointed. Be sure to check out other items for sale too – they even do clothes and phone cases!

Kerry x

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What I got for Christmas 2017 | Sample Beauty Coax Palette

Hi All!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas – I know I did! I spent it with my family and my Baby J – what more could I want? What did you do this year?

I thought it might be nice to share some of my beauty related gifts with you and you never know, you may want to gift them to yourself as a result! The first gift I’d like to share is this eyeshadow palette given to me by my husband and daughter. This is the Sample Beauty Coax Palette and it’s a beauty…

The palette contains 18 very large pans of eyeshadow – 3 glitters, 9 shimmers and 6 mattes. The colours are vivid and definitely for the brave! There isn’t a shy colour in this palette, all are extremely pigmented, bright and making a bold statement.

I’d firstly like to mention that these are some of the most pigmented eyeshadows I’ve ever come across – up there with the Juvia’s Place eyeshadows – with the mattes being even better than Juvia’s (in my opinion). They blend like a dream and there is no kick back or fall down – just amazing!


Each shimmer shade is stunning in its own right. I’ve been obsessed with the bronze colours over Christmas and have been teaming them with the matte reds and browns.


Now let’s get to the glitters! There are three gorgeous pressed glitters in this palette –

  • Sorbet – a lilac glitter
  • Olive – a bronze/brown glitter
  • Terra cotta – a blinding fuchsia


Overall I am amazed and extremely pleased with this palette. I really can’t get over the pigment in the mattes and how beautiful the glitters are. This palette has also made me much braver with my eyeshadow looks as it’s impossible not to be with the colour selection.

To buy your own Sample Beauty Coax Palette, click here (affiliate link).

Keep your eyes peeled for more Christmas gift posts!

Kerry x