Makeup Revolution | Life on the Dance Floor | Guest List Eyeshadow Palette 

Well, Makeup Revolution kept these Life on the Dance Floor eyeshadow palettes very quiet indeed! I literally had no idea these even existed until they were released for sale on the Superdrug website! There are four palettes in total – Guest List, After Party, VIP and Sparklers. Each comes in a glittery plastic case, Guest List in particular has a rose gold glitter finish. There are also three lipsticks in matching coloured packaging, which go with the four palettes – although I am yet to try these. I’m very impressed with the glitter look actually, unfortunately and as usual, my camera doesn’t do it any justice. It is extremely sparkly and very smooth. The glitter isn’t ‘3D’, so doesn’t catch on anything or flake off.

The palette itself is actually a pretty decent size. Inside the lid is a huge mirror and 24 eyeshadows. The colours inside, as you probably know by now, are right up my street. I love warm tones, especially oranges, reds and purple/browns. This palette stood out to me the most from the four because of this. I have also been after a neon orange for a while now and this palette had a few perfect little pans of colour.

Top two rows of the palette, swatched in natural daylight
Bottom two rows of the palette, swatched in natural daylight

I’m very happy with the quality of the eyeshadows themselves. They were easy to swatch and I didn’t find one dodgy or patchy shade. They all blended onto the skin nicely too. There are a couple of stand out shades in there that seem almost duo chrome – a shimmery peach/gold and a berry burgundy/pink. I love that all the shades compliment each other so perfectly, there aren’t any which would clash.

I have used the palette a couple of times since receiving it and I’m very happy with the looks I have created. I tapped my brush into the neon orange pretty much straight away and was pleased with the out there look it provided. The colours are easily blended out and stay put for hours. I tried the palette both with and without eye primer and the results were good both times (although better with the primer).

To buy your own Life on the Dance Floor Guest List palette, click here. To see the other palettes in the collection, click here.

Kerry x

Eco Stardust | Biodegradable Glitter | Cheerleader, Milky Way and Unicorn

When it comes around to the month of October, I start to twitch… I get what I call the glitter cravings. I am OBSESSED with glitter – I want to wear it, put it all over my hair and wear it in the places on my face that I’d normally wear highlighter. So this time of year is extra exciting because I know that more glitter will be available and most importantly, acceptable for me to buy and apply. Who doesn’t love glitter at Christmas and New Year?! Well, you can imagine my excitement when Eco Stardust kindly said they would send me some glitters of my choosing to review for you guys. I chose three beautiful little pots (although this was difficult because I wanted them all!) – Cheerleader, Milky Way and Unicorn.

Eco Stardust Loose Glitter – Cheerleader


Eco Stardust Loose Glitter – Milky Way


Eco Stardust Loose Glitter – Unicorn

The best way to apply these glitters is with a glitter adhesive, which is of course safe to apply to the skin on the face and body. However, you can also use a lip balm or other un-petroleum jelly.

Left to Right – Cheerleader, Milky Way, Unicorn Swatches taken in natural light

As the name suggests, these glitters are biodegradable – this is something to take into consideration when buying glitters as in reality they are just tiny bits of plastic which, when used in excess, can lead to environmental damage in different ways.

Eco Stardust was born in April this year, when the creators realised how damaging glitter could be to our environment and they wanted to create a product which would biodegrade and be kind to our lovely planet.

Where is glitter used a lot? – Festivals of course! Eco Stardust took their message and glitters to festivals this year to spread their message and people gained some beautiful glitters in the process. I absolutely love a beauty company who care about the planet and the environment, and Eco Stardust really are no exception. Be sure to check them out, their range of products is stunning!

To puchase Cheerleader, click here. To purchase Milky Way, click here. To purchase Unicorn, click here. Or to just visit the wonderful website, click here.


Kerry x

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Palette Night | Review, Tutorial and Swatches

Makeup Revolution released the beautiful Renaissance palettes last week, including this Night version, a Day one and a glow palette. The Day palette contains all matte shades and the Night one a mixture of one matte and four shimmer shades. 

This palette came beautifully packaged in a gorgeous black box with rose gold decoration. The palette was inside a gorgeously soft pouch inside the box, which adds an extra element of luxury. The palette itself has a matte black case and a beautiful rose gold clasp, which I’ve never seen on a palette before. 

Inside the case lid is a mirror – I love Makeup Revolution for this – and a double-ended brush. The shades themselves are beautiful. The matte colour is a white, perfect for highlighting the brow bone, as I did today. The pink and bronze tones are intensely shimmery and pigmented. The final two shades have reflective glitters in them and are stunning. 


I created an eye look today using a majority of the shades in the palette – 

  • Use the matte white to highlight the centre of the brow bone 
  • The lighter brown on the outer V and slightly into the crease, also along the lower lash line 
  • The copper tone over the rest of the lid and along the inner part of the lower lash line
  • The light pink on inner corners as a highlight 

The shades in the palette are very easy to work with and blend. I experienced little to no fall out. The shadows are of a very high quality. 

Overall, I’m very pleased with this palette. The packaging is stunning and compact enough to travel with. I also think this palette would make a brilliant gift. 

To buy yours for just £8, visit TAM Beauty here

Kerry x

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Rose Gold

I’ve seen a lot of YouTube makeup gurus referring to this product and when I saw that it is currently only £2 on the TAMbeauty website, I just had to get myself one. The Awesome Metals Foil Finish eyeshadow in Rose Gold is one eyeshadow not to be missed. 

Inside the box you get –

  • The intense eyeshadow pigment
  • Liquid eye primer
  • Mixing tray

To use –

  1. Put a small amount of the primer on the mixing tray
  2. Put some of the eyeshadow on the tray
  3. Mix the two together
  4. Apply to the eyes! The colour is buildable, so you can repeat the process if necessary.

I have to say, this has instantly become one of my all-time favourite eye makeup products. It is just stunning and adds instant glamour to any eye look. 

It stays put all day because the primer that you mix it with is brilliant. The colour is gorgeous and when it catches the light it is multi-tonal, so blinds anyone looking at it with its shine! 

I only applied the tiniest amount in these photos. So far I have worn it just on my inner corners, over the whole lid and in the centre of my eyelids to make my eyes pop. 

I can’t wait to create more eye looks with this Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow – I’m obsessed! To buy your own, visit TAM Beauty here, or Superdrug (where it’s £3) here

Kerry x

Fun Valentine’s Day Makeup

Yay, I’m so excited about this one! Baby J had a long nap this afternoon, so instead of cleaning, doing the washing, blah, etc. I played around with my makeup collection! I’ve been planning a Valentine’s look for a couple of weeks and I really hope you like it. It’s quite OTT in some places, but you can use what you want from it. I took a no makeup selfie to start with, for a bit of ‘before and after’.

I haven’t gone into detail over my whole face prep, as I’ve done that before in my Christmas look and it hasn’t really changed much since then. I’ve taken a photo of everything I used and here is the list –

  • Soap & Glory Speed Plump Moisturiser
  • Carmex lip balm
  • L’Oreal True Match Foundation in Vanilla Rose
  • L’Oreal True Match Concelaer in Vanilla
  • MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as an eye primer
  • Collection Precision Contour
  •  Collection Eyebrow Definer
  • PS… Pro HD Mascara

I have put the focus of this post onto my eye makeup, as it’s the statement part of the whole look. For eyeshadow I used the amazing Makeup Revolution 144 Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette Collection 2017 (an amazing £10!) I’ve written about it before here.

I’ve taken step-by-step photos as I feel it’s easier to show you what I did, you can also see what brushes I used for each part of the eye, they’re from the Spectrum Eye Blending Set.

  1. I applied a peachy nude to my whole lid and up to the brow bone

2. A light pink in my crease

3. I went over the crease again with this darker pink shade

4. The darkest pink in that column was then applied to my outer corners

5. I used the neon pink as a liner on half of my under eyes

6. I then used the bright lilac on the other half of my under eye and blended them together for a gradient effect

7. I used a bright, shimmery, light pink on the centre of my lids

8. I completed the work with the shadows by applying Unicorns Heart highlighter – the pink shade – to the inner corners to make my eyes pop!

Here’s how it looked when they eye shadow process was complete –

To make the look fun and unique, I applied The Sparkles Store Valentine’s Mix loose glitter to my inner corners and then picked out the cute little hearts and stuck them with glitter fixing glue on my outer brow bone.


Now for the lashes! These are called #Sexy and are from Beauty Atelier Shop. You can purchase them here. You can also use this code – KER 10 – for free shipping, woohoo! The eyelashes are handmade and 100% silk. They are so comfortable to wear and create an instant car eye look! Beauty Atelier Shop also have other amazing and exclusive items that you need to check out. I will be uploading a video about some of their products in the next few days.

For highlight, I used Glitter Eyes highlight in the shade ThatGlo. My blush is from a palette in the Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas box.

And finally…lips. I used the awesome Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matt Lip Kit in Echelon .

And there we have it! I’m so pleased with the final result! Unfortunately, my camera didn’t pick up the prettiness of the highlighter, it has an iridescent pink shimmer in certain lights. Believe me when I say that it’s beautiful.


What will you be doing on Valentine’s Day?


Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 Sparkle with Kerry readers! Love you all!

Kerry x

Glitter Eyes – Pressed Glitters

Ahh these are so beautiful! I’ve been so excited to share these with you. They really do personify the phrase ‘Sparkle with Kerry’! These are the pressed glitters by Glitter Eyes

Glitter Eyes is an online store full of all things sparkly and iridescent. They sell pressed glitters, loose glitter, highlighters (I have one of these to review too!), themed palettes, GlitterFix liquid and applicators and empty palettes so you can put your own together. The glitters are 100% vegan and cruelty free. 

Fallen Angel, Nirvana
With a camera flash – FallenAngel, Nirvana
Rainbow Brights, Shimmering Sand, Peach Fizz

Rainbow Brights, Shimmering Sand, Peach Fizz

With Flash – Rainbow Brights, Shimmering Sand, Peach Fizz

Pressed glitters are amazingly innovative in that you don’t need glitter glue to apply them. You can apply with a finger or brush easily and quickly. The glitters are in a vegetable glycerine, which means they stick to the eye lid with ease and are also simple to remove. You can use your usual cleanser or wipe to remove the product. 

Today I used Peach Fizz. I love peachy colours on my eyes as it’s a great colour to make blue eyes pop. I teamed the glitter with an eyeshadow palette from my Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas box. 

If you’d like to see more looks I create with the other glitters, just keep checking my Instagram – @sparkle.with.kerry 

To buy the glitters, or any other Glitter Eyes products you fancy, go to the website – Pressed glitters are £5.99 each. 

Kerry x

UPDATE: Shimmering Sand 31.1.2017