WowBoxMe | November 2017 Alcoholic WowBox | Discount Affiliate Link

I have told you about WowBoxMe before, but thought I should tell you about it again! Especially now we are getting close to Christmas and New Year and party snacks and drinks are very much needed.

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WowBoxMe is an amazingly affordable, monthly snack box. Each box contains over £20 worth of food and drink for less than £10 a month. If you order a box and then review it on the site, you can also receive an extra £5 worth of products in your next box. They’re practically giving the food away!

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There are two types of box available – Alcoholic WowBoxes and Non-Alcoholic WowBoxes. Plans for the Alcoholic WowBoxes start from just £9.50 a month and contain 10 products worth over £20 in value.

The Non-Alcoholic boxes start from only £6.67 a month, depending on what plan you choose (monthly, every six months or yearly). An absolute bargain! This box will contain 10 products with a value of over £15.

The Alcoholic box starts from £9.50 and contains eight food and drink items. I received this box and couldn’t believe how much the value of the contents outweighed the price of the box – amazing!

To buy your own box, click here. You also get your first month FREE! Too good a deal to be missed! (This is an affiliate link)

Kerry x

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Unboxing | August 2017

This month’s The Vegan Kind Beauty Box is an absolute corker! Yes, I was slightly disappointed that this is the first box I have received without an item of makeup, but the more I look into and try out the products, the less I’m bothered about this! The products inside this month are just brilliant and so unique that I don’t already own anything like them. So, let’s dig in!

Zerreau Waterless Body Wash 70ml (RRP £3.99)

I received a product from Zerreau in last quarter’s box which was a dry shampoo foam. I wasn’t so keen on that, so was a bit dubious about this one. I tried it out after my run earlier this evening and my god, it’s genius! You put the foam on dry skin and lather it up, you then just wipe it away with a towel – no water required! This is perfect for post-gym sessions when you can’t get in the shower, or at a festival, or just anytime you need a super-speedy freshen up! It also has a beautiful fruity and tropical scent which stays on the skin. I’m a big fan!

Chirp Body Softnest 100% Natural Hair Mask (RRP £17.95)

I haven’t been able to give this a try yet, because I only received the box this morning, but who doesn’t love a hair mask? I recently had my hair coloured/bleached so it could do with some TLC. This mask is designed to soften and hydrate hair, whilst rejuvenating the senses at the same time. It should be applied to dry hair, left for around 30 mins and then wash your hair twice with shampoo to make sure all of the mask has been removed. I’m excited to try this!

Tisserand Happy Aromatherapy Roller Ball (RRP £5.95)We all need a little pick me up throughout the day, right? Well this aromatherapy roller ball is sunshine in a bottle. Just roll this onto temples, the nape of the neck, behind the ears and anywhere else you can sniff for a waft of joy. I absolutely love products like this and strongly believe in essential oils and aromas playing a part in our moods and emotions. I’ve put this straight in my handbag, ready for stressful situations and moments of dull moods. The essential oils inside are – bergamot, lemon tea tree and nutmeg. Trust me when I say, this smells incredible. I challenge you not to feel happier when using this for yourself!

Figs and Rouge Hydra-Activ 3 in 1 Hero Cream 80ml (RRP £18)

When I looked in the box and saw this beautiful tin, I did a little happy dance! I mean, let’s take a second to appreciate this packaging – I just love that design! I have a bit of a thing about products which come in tins too – just so retro and funky looking (does anyone say ‘funky’ anymore?!). I’m excited to try the cream itself too. It’s for both the face and body and promises to deliver hydration, radiance, the reduction of fine lines and smoothing properties. Fingers crossed it achieves all of these! Figs & Rouge are an absolutely gorgeous brand, so I’m expecting good things.

Eden Perfumes – Daisy Perfume 10ml (RRP £7)

OK, this is what really did it for me this month. I’m absolutely blown away by this company and what they do. They make vegan versions of all of your favourite perfumes and aftershaves, for a fraction of the price. The one I received in my box is their version of ‘Daisy’ by Marc Jacobs and it smells INCREDIBLE! I have an issue with perfumes in that I can never smell them on my skin after about ten minutes of applying them. This one stuck with me – I’m not just saying this to gain brownie points from the company, I’m not paid to write this, I just genuinely believe in this company and perfume. I’ve even got my husband ready to make an order with me come pay day! If you get the box for one thing, get it for this perfume. Check out Eden Perfumes for yourself here.

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box is a quarterly box priced at only £15.00 plus postage. Subscribe here.

Kerry x

WowBoxMe | The Perfect Subscription Box for Snack Lovers Everywhere!

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WowBoxMe is an amazingly affordable, monthly snack box. Each box contains over £20 worth of food and drink for less than £10 a month. If you order a box and then review it on the site, you can also receive an extra £5 worth of products in your next box. They’re practically giving the food away!

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There are two types of box available – Alcoholic WowBoxes and Non-Alcoholic WowBoxes. Plans for the Alcoholic WowBoxes start from just £9.50 a month and contain 10 products worth over £20 in value.

G2 - Generic - Whats Inside

The Non-Alcoholic boxes start from only £6.67 a month, depending on what plan you choose (monthly, every six months or yearly). An absolute bargain! This box will contain 10 products with a value of over £15.

G4 - Generic - Products

I received the Non-Alcoholic WowBox and here’s what I got inside –


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I was so impressed when I opened up the box and saw all the amazing goodies inside. Luckily, it was Baby J’s birthday and we had a lot of visitors, so I could share the WowBox wealth with them!

G1- Generic - Wow Feeling

To buy your own box, click here. You also get your first month FREE! Too good a deal to be missed!

Kerry x


Guest Post – Glossybox Unboxing – June 2017

Hello my lovelies!

In this series, I will be sharing with you the gorgeous goodies from my Glossybox subscription boxes, with my honest opinion of the products received. If you want to know what Glossybox is all about, you can read my last unboxing post here.

So what’s in the box?

This month doesn’t really have a “theme” per se, however it does seem to be more focused on the idea of “summer  laid-back” vibes that come with the season. Less is more in Summer, I mean who wants to put on foundation, concealer and powder when its 30 degrees out? So there’s a big focus on nailing down a great skin care regime which as we all know is the base to feeling your best in the summer. We have a great box this month with 6 products to try out, including two full-sized.

So let’s have a look shall we?




The Hero Project Instant Moisture Boost



This is a fabulous gel moisturizer for all my oily gals out there who are a little shy on the traditional moisturiser creams. The Hero Project is a British beauty brand which focuses its attention on those must have skin care products you can’t go without, which delivers both an amazing moisturiser and is packed with skin loving ingredients such as hylauronic acid and B5. This is best to add to the skin before your normal moisturiser to bring it back to life, which is especially good in the summer months where air conditioning and the warmer weather can dry out your skin.  The Hero Project is also cruelty free, and its packaging is all recyclable – woohoo!


Manna Kadar Cosmetics Sheer Glo. 


Hhmmm.. Ok, I love highlight, y’all know that. Highlighter for me is my ultimate beauty must have and nothing makes me feel better than highlighting my cheekbones like a glazed donut. This however, isn’t glowy enough for me. It’s best mixed into your foundation for a dewy finish or to use as “glue” to keep your highlight popping, however on its own, not a fan. Its far too liquid for me and just disappears when your apply to the skin, so its more of an addition to my highlight routine than an actual highlight or glow in itself.  It does get bonus points for being cruelty free and comes in one universal shade for all skin types.


Batiste Stylist Frizz no more Frizz Tamer. 



So I got my hair cut last week and have been regretting it ever since – nothing to do with the hairdresser, she was the bomb, I just forgot how much more maintenance your hair needs when its cut short, and my hair is super fine and there is a lot of it, so it frizzes up like nobody’s business. This hair spray was a welcome treat for me, as it helps to keep the frizz at bay and helps keep my style resistant to humidity and it’s enriched with keratin which is always a good thing for my hair type! Batiste prides itself on being a crueltyfree personal brand that cares about the well-being of both humans and animals. Batiste Stylist is not suitable for Vegans as it uses Keratin, which is derived from sheep’s wool. No! Batiste doesn’t support testing on animals.


111Skin Space Defense Bright Eye lift Gel


This is one of the best eye products I have ever used. I have HUGE dark circles under my eyes regardless of the sleep I get, to the point I have considered getting fillers under my eyes. I have this in a full size from a christmas gift and I love it, it changed my life. It reduces puffiness, dark circles, reduces the appearance of lines (which at 30 I am starting to think about) and keeps your eye area super hydrated. Plus this skin care range evolved from products used in space, and I am all about that.


Sleek Makeup Power Plump Lip Crayon


Ugh this lip colour is so darn perfect. It’s a gorgeous coral colour and glides on smoothly, is super pigmented and has super staying power. It wasnt until I put it on and my lips started to tingle I realised it was a lip plumping crayon – I thought I was having some sort of allergic reaction! But I love the effect of these lip plumping products – I have a slimmer top lip so its nice to balance it out a bit! Sleek are a brand I adore, and are cruelty free which I love. #crueltyfreekisses.


Beautypro Black Diamond peel off mask. 


I have been wanting to try one of these peel off charcoal masks forever! This was the first product in this month’s box that I tried, and it was…..ok. I mean, don’t get me wrong as soon as I put it on, you could feel the active charcoal working and it was super satisfying peeling it off, but it didn’t seem to pull as much out of my face as I wanted. If anything it pulled off all my peach fuzz (not a bad thing) and my skin on the whole felt super smooth, but I can still see all my blackheads. Maybe that’s how they get you? Really loved it and I love a face mask, but it wasnt quite as good as I wanted. A big thumbs up for being cruelty free though!

So all in all, this month’s box was ok. It wasnt overwhelming, but there’s nothing in here I wouldn’t use. Everything in this box is once again cruelty free which I love, but I would have liked more make up products. However great skin care is the base for great skin confidence so all of these products are welcome in my bathroom.

So that’s it from me for another box with Glossybox! If you are looking for a great gift, why not give the gift of Glossy? You can gift a 1,3,6, or 12 month subscription, or maybe just treat yourself?

If you want to try out Glossybox for yourself, head over to the website and sign up for 50% off the July Edit. There’s no minimum commitment, and you can cancel at any time. Besides, who doesn’t love a little treat every month?

Until next time, have a great summer!




Dollibox | May 2017

Dollibox is a beauty subscription box, delivered monthly. I received the May box and here’s what I got inside –


The box costs £10 a month, for five full-sized or deluxe sized products. The box gives you the opportunity to try well-known brands, up and coming niche brands and also cult classics. To subscribe for yourself, click here.

Here’s the low-down on May’s box.

Seacret Makeup Remover Wipes

I don’t tend to use makeup remover wipes because of their negative environmental impact, but like to have a pack in my drawer in case I need to have a quick clean up (great for late nights!). These wipes are absolutely brilliant at removing ALL of my makeup. They are oil-based so even take off my very stubborn waterproof mascaras with ease. They also leave my skin feeling beautifully soft. I’d never heard of this brand before this box, but I will be taking a look at their other products for sure!

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

Palmer’s are one of those brands that you can trust. I have owned quite a lot of their produts over the years and have always found them a failsafe in repairing damaged skin and hair. I haven’t used this hair conditoning pack yet as I’m saving it for an evening of pampering, but I’m sure it will do wonders for my currently very dry hair!

Cougar Rich Honey Moisturiser

I love this moisturiser! I started using it straight away, as the moisturiser I was using wasn’t doing anything special for my skin. This one contains pure natural honey and banana extract. I can’t stand the smell of bananas and thankfully, this cream doesn’t smell like them! It contains many vitamins and minerals and the honey is a natural antiseptic – great for helping to heal minor skin irritations and blemishes without drying you out. I highly recommend this product.

Leopard Cat Eyebrow Palette

The packaging for this is just perfect – gold and a leopard with leopard print details! It is a cute size too, perfect for on-the-go. Inside are two eyebrow powders and a mini angled brush for application.

Focallure Face Blush

I can’t stop wearing this blush! It is so pigmented and easy to blend out on the cheeks. The colour is gorgeous too and very buildable. There are 11 shades available in this range of blushes and I received the pinky coral one. It gives my face a lovely, Spring-time glow which I’m just addicted to.

Deborella Mermaid Necklace

Last, but not least, is this AMAZING ‘Mermaid Life’ necklace from Deborella Accessories. This was an exclusive product in Dollibox this month. Deborella are a new company who produce mainly lasercut jewellery and stationery. Make sure to have a look at their website – there are just so many beautiful products to choose from, I want it all!

I am very impressed with Dollibox and have enjoyed trying out the products and reviewing them for you. To subscribe for yourself, click here.

Kerry x


The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Unboxing – May 2017


Welcome to the May unboxing of  The Vegan Kind Beauty Box! This is a quarterly beauty box with high quality, well-chosen vegan friendly beauty products. Each box costs £15 plus P+P. I am a huge fan of this subscription box and really look forward to its arrival. Here’s a low down of this quarter’s products.

Maggie Anne Strawberry and Grape Nail Varnish Remover – RRP £8.95

I have received a Maggie Anne nail polish in a previous box and I loved the colour and finish. I’m looking forward to trying this polish remover – especially as the strawberry and grape scent sounds delicious! It is acetone free and enriched with argon oil and vitamin E.

Zerreau Waterless Towel Off Shampoo – RRP £3.99

This is a coconut scented, innovative alternative to your usual dry shampoo. Apply the foam to parted hair roots and massage in to lift and grease or dirt and then remove by towel drying your hair. The dirt lifted from your hair is removed by the towel! I’ll keep you updated with this product on my Instagram, because I haven’t tried it yet.

Amie New Leaf Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish – RRP Full Size £5.95

I have tried a few Amie products in the past and I really like their gentle formulas and the way they leave my skin feeling very soft. I gave this scrub a go and although it didn’t feel as ‘deep pore’ cleansing as it stated, it did leave my skin feeling nice. I have used better vegan scrubs in the past and this isn’t completely terrible, it just didn’t blow me away.

Aqua Esse Equilibrium B12 Infused Pure Alkaline Natural Spring Water – RRP £1.95

This bottle of water is just fascinatingly gorgeous! It is tinted pink, but has nothing unnatural in it and it just tasted like regular spring water! Mind. Blown. This water is perfect for vegetarians and vegans alike as it provides the B12 your body needs. I really enjoyed this water and felt quickly hydrated afterwards.

PHB Ethical Beauty Natural Black Mascara – RRP £15.95

So incredibly, this mascara has an RRP of more than the box costs itself! I have to say, this is one brilliant little mascara. It takes a lot to impress me in the world of mascaras, so many have tried and failed to plump up and lengthen my extremely short lashes. This brilliant little mascara added so much length to my lashes even after just one coat! I was so impressed!

The mascara also has a nice little applicator – something I prefer to a big brush which gets mascara all over my eyelids!

One coat applied to one eye
One coat applied to both eyes
Two coats after a few hours

To really put this mascara to the test, I also went for a run with it on and it stayed put!

This mascara is actually award winning. It is also water resistant and good for those with sensitive eyes. It also contains botanical oils to care for and naturally lengthen your lashes over time. I love it!

To subscribe to The Vegan Kind Beauty Box, click here. They also do a monthly food subscription box, you can find it here.

Kerry x

Guest Post – Glossybox Unboxing – April 2017

Hello my lovelies!

In this series, I will be sharing with you the gorgeous goodies from my Glossybox subscription boxes, with my honest opinion of the products received. If you want to know what Glossybox is all about, you can read my last unboxing post here.

So what’s in the box?

April is here, the sun is shining, which means we want to maximize our sunshine time to get that Vitamin D on. This month’s box is dedicated to the woman on the go who just has zero time to waste and wants to get out there (or if you’re like me, hits snooze 3 times most mornings for bonus sleep).

Filled with multi-tasking beauty heroes that every girl-on-the-go should own, it’ll help make your life a little easier this month. From makeup that’s easy to apply in-transit to on-trend hair essentials that’ll instantly cut down your getting ready time. If you’re an active on-the-go gym goer like me, or just someone who likes to cut down the minutes on their beauty regime, this box is great for you.


Also I want to give this box a huge enormous thumbs us as all the products in this box are from cruelty free brands – yay for #beautywithoutbunnies

With this in mind, let’s have a lil look shall we?

Modelco Contour Stick


Model Co is a well established brand in my make up collection and I own a few of their nail polishes too. They have really cute packaging and a huge product range which is all cruelty free – yay! I’m not crazy for contouring and definitely don’t do it at 6.30am when I’m getting ready for work, however this stick is easy to apply, easy to blend and looks very natural.  The formula is so creamy and lightweight and smells delish, a really coconutty scent which I love – I’m all about that coconut oil life. I don’t know if this product was a one shade fits all job, as it did look very orange on me to start with, however once I blended it out and used a little (and I mean A LITTLE) bronzer it looked good. Still not a huge fan of contouring. Maybe I just need practice? Maybe not at 6.30am though.

Merci Handy Hand sanitizer


Not sure how hand sanitizer fit as a beauty product, however this was definitely a welcome product to me as I needed a new one. I got a cherry scented bottle, and it does not smell of cherry. It doesn’t really smell of anything, which is good, because I hate that chemically smell from most hand sanitizers, but my nose was all set for cherry. The best thing about this product is it doesn’t dry out your hands into nothingness like most other gels do, owing to their high alcohol content. This one is enriched with vitamin E and leaves your hands clean and feeling soft. I just wish the scent was there! A great handbag staple, and the most adorable website with the best instructions for hand sanitizer ever:

1) Squeeze out a small amount of gel,

2) Pretend you’ve just won the lottery,

3) Rub your hands together with glee for 30 seconds.

Rodial Glamolash Mascara


This is the 5th mascara I’ve had from Glossybox and it’s probably the most underwhelming one I’ve had. It is packed with promise to give you fuller and longer lashes, however it took at least 4 coats of mascara to get any sort of length and zero volume. A nice mascara for an every day look which is what this box is about, it just oversells itself and then under performs. It is packed with natural ingredients to help condition and protect your lashes and to stop the product clumping both on your lashes and in the bottle, and don’t get me wrong, it’s a great every day product, I just wasn’t wowed as much as some of the other ones I’ve had from GB.

SportsFX Doubletime Face Brush


I do love a good make up brush and GB always do well in their brush offerings from brands and this is another hit for me. A versatile double ended brush for both liquid foundations and powders, it has beautiful soft fibers which boast antibacterial properties, which pick up and distribute the product well without clinging onto loads on the brush, and it doesn’t leave your liquid foundation all streaky. I also love the brand which has curated make up products and brushes to go alongside its active-wear – a 360 brand for the woman who loves to sweat. Check out the website and see for yourself!

Elgon Deliwash Clensing Conditioner


Now, readers on my blog will know I’m a Redken obsessive so it’s always hard for me to try out new hair products without judging them. This beautifully scented cleansing conditioner is right up my street. A great product to use post gym between regular washes, I’m a big fan of cleansing conditioners. They add moisture and softness back into your hair without the need for shampoo, and because it is sulfate, paraben and salt free your hair is left smooth and clean and soft. It’s a great alternative to regular washing if you’re an active gal like me, because all that shampooing can take away the natural oils in your hair which just makes it more dry and frizzy. I really like this product and will definitely use it when I go to the gym or for a long run, but nothing will ever tear me away from my Redken Extreme.


I am really happy with this month’s box. Everything was great and will get used – even the mascara 😉 I think GB really did themselves proud this month and I can’t wait to get the first of the summer boxes next month – yay for sunshine!

So that’s it from me for another box with Glossybox! If you are looking for a great gift, why not give the gift of Glossy? You can gift a 1,3,6, or 12 month subscription, or maybe just treat yourself?

If you want to try out Glossybox for yourself, head over to the website and sign up for 20% off and a free Nip and Fab moisturizer in your first box.  There’s no minimum commitment, and you can cancel at any time. Besides, who doesn’t love a little treat every month?

Until next time, have a great Easter weekend,


Boxie – Unboxing a *NEW* Subscription Box

1st May 2017 will see the launch of a new and exciting subscription box called Boxie. I was very excited to be sent the box early in order to unbox it for you guys. So let’s get started!


These Boxie boxes are aimed at teenagers (and tweenagers – which I still was when I received this!) and are full of goodies any girl would love. The products change every month and include goodies such as – fashion items, cosmetics and toiletries, accessories, stationery, jewellery, lifestyle products, confectionery and more!


This month’s box contained some pretty impressive items – full sized cosmetics and cute gifts and accessories. The value of all the items in the box comes to £47.50 and the box itself costs £19.95 (plus P+P) to purchase. If you sign up for multiple months worth of boxes, they do work out cheaper. You’ll also only have to pay P+P on your first box with a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

* Keep reading for a unique 15% off code*

Let’s get stuck into all the goodies – I know you’re dying to see!

w7 Beat It! Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette RRP £9.99


I was pretty gobsmacked to find such a beautiful, full sized eyeshadow palette in this box. It is absolutely stunning and perfect for all skin tones too. Excellent for girls just getting into makeup as it also comes with a double ended makeup application brush and sponge. This palette will cost you £9.99 in shops – so to receive it in a subscription box that costs only £19.95 is pretty good going!

Saffron Natural False Eyelashes RRP £2.99

I know that as a teenager (and I’m sure my sister will also agree) I would have absolutely loved these false eyelashes. They’re super easy to apply and add volume to your natural lashes without looking OTT. I really used to struggle to apply lashes when I was younger – and even now – because they were always too big and bulky for my untrained eyelashes. These are pretty fool-proof and come with a good glue to hold them in place all day.

Sass & Belle Friends… Items

These are lovely items to display in your bedroom or share with your bestie. I love Sass & Belle trinkets and these are no exception to that. You will receive –

  • Sass & Belle Best Friends Postcard RRP £1.00
  • Sass & Belle Friends Heart Decoration RRP £2.00
  • Sass & Belle Friends Trinket Dish RRP £3.00

Tinc Cloud Keyring and Phone Sock

This cloud keyring from Tinc is just ADORABLE! It RRPs at £4.95. It has a white patch on the back, which acts as a name tag – handy for school bags or locker keys! I have been using the phone sock (RRP £4.95) every time I go out. It has a handy clip on it and also a detachable neck strap. I have clipped it inside my handbag, so I know my phone is always attached to me and safe. This phone sock also does a great job of protecting your screen from scratches and dirt. You can also store your iPod in there!

A Selection of Cosmetics

As you know, makeup is my passion so I was especially excited to see so many makeup items inside the box!

  • Tanya Burr for Eye Candy Lip Gloss RRP £5.99
  • Royal Lashed Out Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen RRP £3.99
  • Covershoot Mascara RRP £3.00
  • w7 King Kohl Eyeliner Pencil RRP £3.00

Royal Lashed Out Eyelash Curlers RRP £4.99

I have always had a bit of a phobia of eyelash curlers – I’m sure at least one of you will understand this irrational fear? I have never owned a decent pair to be honest until I tried these ones. They are so gentle and easy to use! They have spring handles which makes them easy to control. They also gave my very straight eyelashes a decent curl which, together with my mascara, really made my eyes pop. I love them!

Isn’t this just a brilliant subscription box? I’m so impressed with the contents and know that a lot of hard-work and deep thought has gone into the selection of contents. I know my teenage self would have loved this box and I would have really enjoyed playing and experimenting with the items inside. I enjoyed it at 29 years old!

To order your own Boxie box or subscription, visit the website here. To get a bonus 15% off your first box use the code Kerry15 at the checkout.

Make sure to follow Boxie on social media for details of the launch –

Instagram – @teenboxie

Facebook – Boxie

Twitter – @teenboxie

Kerry x


Pick ‘n’ Melt

It’s time for another Supporting Independent Businesses post! I love these posts, especially this time of year. I really think it’s important to buy Christmas presents from smaller, independent businesses as so much love, thought and care has been put into the items you buy for your loved ones (or even yourself!). Pick ‘n’ Melt is no exception.

I was lucky enough to receive the Standard Christmas Gift Set from Pick ‘n’ Melt, which contained –

1 x Pick ‘n’ Melt Wax Warmer
2 x Christmas Time Cube Melts
2 x Christmas Spice Cube Melts
2 x Robin Red Breast Cube Melts
2 x Cocoa & Log Fire Cube Melts
2 x Frankincense and Myrrh Cube Melts
2 x Mistletoe & Wine Cube Melts
2 x Festive Tree Cube Melts
2 x Snow Cube Melts

When I opened the parcel, I was instantly thrown into the Christmas spirit by the beautiful smells that hit me. Even my husband reminisced, talking about how the Cube Melts called ‘Snow’ reminded him of his childhood at Christmas time. Cube Melts are little wax cubes which you melt in a wax warmer, over a tealight. We were so excited to try out the different Cube Melts and had to argue our cases for which one to try first. Of course, my husband won and we went for ‘Snow’.

We have tried a few more since and they have all been delightful. Each one reminds you of different aspects of past Christmases, whether that be a Christmas fayre, opening presents around a real Christmas tree, the school Nativity play, walking around the town on Christmas Day after a big lunch or festive drinks around a fire.

The fun thing about Pick ‘n’ Melt (amongst many others) is that you can mix up your scents, we tried mixing ‘Christmas Time’ and ‘Mistletoe and Wine’ and it looked and smelt gorgeous!

If you visit the Pick ‘n’ Melt website, you will notice there are many brilliant options for buying your own scents and sets. They also make luxury candles, which are beautiful and available in 250 scents such as pink grapefruit, sweet pea, marshmallow and their blends such as strawberries and champagne.

The Standard Christmas Gift Set that I received, is an amazing £12.00. If you buy four of these, then you will only pay £9.00 for each set – a fantastic offer which works out at buy 3, get 1 free! There is also a Supreme version of this set which contains 32 bags of melts (16 different flavours) and costs £18.00. This will reduce to £13.50 if you buy four sets. Check out the Special Offers section of the website to find more set options.



You can also join the Pick ‘n’ Melt Party  which is an exciting monthly subscription service. You pay £8.00 per month (£12 for supreme) and you will receive 20 bags of melts (30 with Supreme) and postage is free! You will have your own user account and there you will be able to manage which scents you receive. To find out more, click here.


I think you’ll agree when I say that these sets, candles and Cube Melt subscriptions are perfect gifts, especially at Christmas time. I could literally order all 250 candles as they all sound AMAZING!

You can find Pick ‘n’ Melt over on Twitter – @PicknMelt and on Facebook – Pick ‘n’ Melt where they’re currently running an awesome Christmas competition daily!

Let me know if you order anything from Pick ‘n’ Melt, or if you join the Party.

Kerry x