The Little Book of Unicorns -Unicornucopia | Caitlin Doyle


I was very kindly sent this book from Harper Collins last week and have been dipping in and out of its pages ever since. This book is full of good-humour, inspirational quotes, things to make and do and the most gorgeous and colourful illustrations you should expect from a book of the magical creatures. I love it!

This is a hardback book which has a lovely cardboard texture and feel to it and is emblazoned with iridescent writing on the title Unicornucopia. The quirky illustrations are by Laura Korzon and immediately draw your eye to them.

This book is packed with over 200 brightly coloured and beautifully illustrated pages full of all-things unicorn. This book is a great little gift for unicorn lovers, those you wish to convert or even just a fan of beautiful books.

The book is divided into sections like History, Myth and Magic, Science, Unicorn Crafts, Spells and Charms and Inspiration.

The Little Book of Unicorns – Unicornucopia is available to buy now in all major book shops and online here at Amazon.

Be a Unicorn in a world full of Horses

Kerry x

Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Holographic Lip Kit | Unicorn Dream | Review and Swatches

For the first time ever, I’m actually pretty excited about Halloween this year. The reasons for this being, I have a very lovely Baby J who looks extra cute in a little Halloween outfit (it has a pumpkin on it). Secondly, I’m going to a very exciting Halloween party in London this coming week. Finally, I absolutely love seeing all the amazing Halloween themed makeup looks going around the internet at the moment! I have already experimented with a few Halloween products from Makeup Revolution (read about those here) but these have just been the gory ones. I wanted to try something a bit less scary and a bit more pretty – that’s why I picked up this unicorn themed lip kit!

I already own one of the Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits in the shade Echelon and I absolutely love the quality of the lip pencils. I was excited to see that the pencil in this kit was nothing like I already own. I was very surprised by the swatches to see that the purple pencil also has a gold reflect to it. It is absolutely beautiful! The gloss which goes on top has micro glitter in it and is also very pretty. Both products could be worn alone.

But combined they create an even more beautiful look! 

Now, I’m really not the biggest fan of lip glosses, in fact I find them gloopy and extremely annoying when my hair gets stuck to them and then smears across my face. However, I didn’t feel any of this with the gloss in this kit. It isn’t gloopy at all and it felt very comfortable to wear. I also liked the finish of it as it wasn’t so wet looking that I looked like I was dribbling. 

This will look stunning as part of a unicorn Halloween look, but I’m also thinking it would look cool on a mermaid one too (something I’m going to be having a go at over the next week – keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram). 

Top photo – just the lip pencil, Bottom photo – lip pencil topped with the gloss

To buy your own Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Holographic Lip Kit in the shade Unicorn Dream, click here. It is also available in Superdrug stores now. 

Kerry 🎃 

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter | Unicorn Elixir

Unicorns are a craze that just don’t seem to want to gallop away. In fact, they’re getting bigger, bolder and sparklier and seem to be entering all aspects of our lives, including our makeup! I have posted many times on unicorn themed makeup products and a lot of these have actually been from Makeup Revolution. Confession time: I’m a bit of a sucker for unicorn makeup (no surprise there!).


You know from yesterday’s post that I have been so excited about Makeup Revolution’s new Liquid Highlighters and in particular this one, Unicorn Elixir. I haven’t been disappointed, this highlighter is so pretty! The highlighter drops come in a lovely bottle with a dropper lid, excellent for applying the highlight and for making you look cool like all the Instagram demos you see nowadays. I love the holographic label too (sorry if it’s not holo, I don’t know the difference!).

The highlighter itself is a translucent silver with a purple/blue reflect. I would say it’s surprisingly more subtle than the other liquid highlighters, but is still very unique in its tone. It does have a very fantastical theme to it and is unlike any other highlighter I own. I think the fact it is sheer makes it a more every day wear kind of highlighter. I really like it.

As I have found with the other liquid highlighters, this one has brilliant staying power. It hasn’t budged all day and actually the swatches were very hard to remove! I also enjoyed putting a tad under my BB cream today for a ‘glowing from within’ look. It is a very versatile liquid highlighter!

To buy yours, visit TAM Beauty here.

Kerry x

Makeup Revolution Rainbow Highlighter | Review and Swatches

Those of you who have been regularly reading my blog for a while now will know how much I love me a blinding highlighter and that a lot of them I have reviewed have been rainbow ones. This little beauty was released by Makeup Revolution last week and is an incredible £4! Before I say anything else, I have to put it out there that this is an incredibly high quality and pigmented highlighter, especially for the price. 

Let’s start with the packaging – it comes in a compact, plastic case with a border of holo (don’t shoot me if this is not holo – trust me, I struggle to know the difference between all the special rainbow effects!). 

There are five highlight colours inside this palette – you can wear each colour individually, swirl your brush and grab each colour or paint an actual rainbow on your cheekbones. When I was experimenting, I found that when you swirl your brush across all the colours, the overall effect is a predominantly blue colour. 

As I mentioned previously, the colours in this palette are extremely pigmented and easy to work with. I couldn’t believe the shine achieved just from swatching the product very lightly onto the back of my hand.


Today, I used the pink colour on the tops of my cheekbones, nose and Cupid’s bow. It has such a pretty effect and went smoothly onto my skin. It didn’t gather or look chalky. It just left a gorgeous glow. I’m in love!

To buy your own, either visit TAM Beauty here or Superdrug online here. It is also available in Superdrug stores. I can honestly say it’s worth every penny.

Kerry x


Pusheenicorn! | GUND UK

When I was asked to review a Pusheen plushie, I jumped at the opportunity. Not only do I find Pusheen adorable, I just knew Baby J would too! To be more precise, I was asked to write about Pusheenicorn – a Pusheen cat in a unicorn costume! It sounds crazy, but it works! This Pusheenicorn takes cuteness to another level and when teamed up with my Baby J, it’s too adorable to handle!

Pusheen is an extremely popular illustrated cat with over 9 million followers on Facebook. Over 10 million Pusheen stickers are sent over social media EVERY DAY as this cat is perfect at summing up whatever mood you’re in with her cute expressions and costume changes.

Pusheenicorn was sent to me by a company called GUND UK, who specialise in high-quality and unique plushies to suit everyone. Pusheenicorn has a rainbow mane of very soft synthetic fur, a stuffed rainbow tail and a holo unicorn horn (that Baby J loves to pull and chew!). She is also made of a beautifully soft fabric, which Baby J rubs on her face for comfort. She has definitely stolen this from me! The cat’s facial features are embroidered on, meaning there aren’t any small, plastic parts which could fall off and be swallowed.

To purchase your own Pusheenicorn, visit GUND UK here, or to take a look at the other Pusheens they have on offer, click here. Also, take a look at the GUND UK homepage here, they have a selection of gorgeous toys including, Peter Rabbit, Boo, Grumpy Cat, Sesame Street and other baby toys.

Kerry x

Makeup Revolution ~ I Heart Makeup – Unicorn Love Palette with Swatches! 

Makeup Revolution’s sister brand I Heart Makeup, have just launched this beauty. It’s the Unicorn Love palette and oh my gosh, it has a furry outer case!

Inside you get 16 matte and shimmer shades all with elements of fantasy and unicorn. Each shade has a fairytale name, for example – Fortune, Magic, Wings, Sparkle (my personal favourite name for obvious reasons!). There is a lovely range of shades – not as wild as I’d have expected from a palette named after creatures of the rainbow – but they are subtly beautiful. There are some perfect crease and transition colours, some beautiful, glittery brights and some all-round stunning shimmery shades.

You also receive a double-ended sponge applicator. I would’ve preferred a brush as I find sponge applicators to be the most useless makeup tools known to man – why oh why? There is a large and extremely useful mirror which spans across the whole inner casing lid and doesn’t distort you like something from the House of Mirrors.

I have swatched all of the shades for you below – I took one photo with the flash on and one without. I swatched from left to right, starting on the top row.

Unicorn Love Palette – Taken without a camera flash
Unicorn Love Palette – Taken with a camera flash

The shades I am particularly impressed with are –

  • Flutter – a beautiful peachy shade
  • Fortune and Gallop – both orangey/pinky browns one is shimmer, one is matte
  • Story – Gold and so sparkly – just stunning!
  • Wings – The perfect neutral brown crease shade
  • Love – a gorgeous champagne gold and white

I created this look with the palette, here’s how –

  1. All over the lid, use Pure to set your primer and create a smooth base
  2. In the crease, use Flutter
  3. On the outer crease, use Wings to add more definition
  4. To create a Halo Eye look, use Fortune on the inner and outer corners and then blend them together along the crease so that they meet there in the middle
  5. Use Fortune again along the lower lash line
  6. To darken up the edge of the outer corner, use Gallop and blend out
  7. Using your finger, put Story in the middle of your eyelid and the middle of your lower lash line – this really adds to the Wow Effect!

As you can probably tell, I am a little bit in love with this palette. I love the range of shades to suit all skin tones and eye colours. There are endless looks to be created with it. The colour pay off and pigmentation is fantastic – particularly in the shimmer shades like Story. I’m wearing this eye look now and it hasn’t moved all day. I do use an eye primer, but it hasn’t dropped down below my eyes or moved into my crease. I am very impressed for a palette that costs only £7.99.

You can purchase this palette from TAMbeauty, but be quick as it does keep going out of stock very quickly! As I write this, there is only 1 left! Here’s the link to buy – Unicorn Love Palette.

Kerry x

Beauty Product Review – Yurily Glam Up Your Lips Glitter Lips

With Christmas just over a week away, glitter is currently a staple item in my life. If it’s not on my hair or body or clothing, then it will definitely be making an appearance on my face. I’ve seen glitter lips ALL OVER the internet and decided to have a go at them myself. I purchased this Yurily Glam Up Your Lips Glitter Lips Kit.

It’s in the shade ‘Barbie Glam‘. I didn’t want too festive a colour as let’s be honest, glitter lips are for life, not just for Christmas. I wanted something I could use all year round.

Here’s how the kit works –

  1. Part your lips and apply the lip glue. I applied this to half a lip at a time as it dries quite quickly. Wait for the glue to turn from white to clear.

2. Next, apply the glitter using a slightly damp sponge tipped applicator (provided)

And you’re done! Looking more shimmery than your Christmas tree!

I have a Christmas party to go to tomorrow and will be writing about my look as a tutorial. This will either be live tomorrow evening or Monday. It will, of course feature these lips again!

To buy the kit for yourself, visit this link. They’re a bargain £4.99.

I absolutely love this look! The glitter has amazing staying power and survived the kiss test. You may find little bits of glitter come loose, but nothing too major that will ruin your look.

What do you think? 

Kerry x

Beauty Product Review – Unicorns Heart

Yes I know what you’re thinking, another rainbow highlighter? Yes, I know I already own a few, but they’re so beautiful! 

I think I may have a problem… 

This is Unicorns Heart by I ❤ Makeup. The fact that it’s a rainbow highlighter AND named after unicorns meant that I had to own one! 

However, I do have one small issue and this is the primary school teacher talking here, but doesn’t this packaging need a possessive apostrophe in it – as in ‘Unicorn’s Heart’? Please correct me if I’m wrong! 

The packaging is simple but beautiful. I love the iridescent  rainbow font on both the outer box and the highlighter box itself. The highlighter comes inside a heart shaped box. 

As you can see, the colours are very pretty and shimmery. As mentioned in my previous rainbow highlighter posts, I’m not one to swatch the rainbow across my cheek, as seen on social media, so I decided to create an eye look with it. 

  • Yellow tone over whole lid and brow bone 
  • Pink in inner corners
  • Purple on outer lid
  • Blue in crease
  • Green to line under the eye

I also used various tones on my cheekbones, Cupid’s bow and nose as I would a normal highlighter (Huge whimp!). 

Unfortunately, my camera was pants at picking up the prettiness of the colours and the shimmer. Trust me when I say that it’s gorgeous and definitely my favourite of the rainbow highlighters that I own. 

You can purchase this in Superdrug stores and online here for £5.

Kerry x

Beauty Product Review – 2true Rainbeau Highlighter

Listen up unicorns and mermaids of the UK, this is the product for you! Finally there is a beautiful, UK made rainbow highlighter and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. It’s the Rainbeau Highlighter by 2true Cosmetics and is a bargain at £4.95. No more waiting for weeks for international postage from the US or China, now it’s a case of waiting only a couple of days! Here are some photos of the gorgeous packaging and contents – 

The palette contains a unicorn perfect circle of five shimmering colours –

  • Soft Lilac
  • Gold Sheen
  • Rose Gold
  • Mint Green
  • Ocean Blue

As the guidance suggests on the back of the box, for a more intense rainbow look it is best to search each colour bar and then build up the look on the desired area of your face. The best place is your cheek bone, as with most highlighters. 

I used my can brush (as above) and ran it over the whole palette for a more subtle highlight. 

As seen in my other highlighter blog posts, I always apply it to these areas –

  • The cheekbones
  • Brow bone
  • Bridge of the nose
  • Cupid’s bow
  • Chin
  • And high points of the forehead 

Just apply it to the places that the sunlight would naturally hit your face, or the ‘high points’ as they’re otherwise known.

I am so so pleased with the overall effect. It’s such a gorgeous iridescent glow and perfect for every day wear. My camera has been rubbish at picking up all the tones unfortunately.

So what do you think? Does this rainbow highlighter give the Bitter Lace Beauty original a run for its money? It’s a fraction of the price! Buy yours here

Kerry x

Beauty Product Review – Miss Yifi Rainbow Highlight 

Whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed a few months back my eyes were drawn to a post about ‘Rainbow Highlight’. Oh Hello unicorns, mermaids, dragons and anything remotely mystical! I did my research and saw that the photo was of a product by Bitter Lace Beauty. I hunted them down on Etsy and realised at this point it would be near impossible for me to get my hands on their beautiful Prism Rainbow blush. This stuff sells out almost instantly and the waiting period is months long. 

So what did I do? I turned to good ol’ eBay and searched ‘Rainbow Highlight’. Results returned this one by Miss Yifi

I ordered myself one and sat back for a couple of weeks as it had to be delivered from China. For just under £7 it’s a fraction of the price of the Bitter Lace Beauty one. 

I’ve got to say, it does have a much more subtle impact than the BLB one, but I like that. I was applying it with a brush but it really wasn’t working, but after reading this post by Lima of Fashionicide where she suggests to use your finger instead of a brush, my rainbow highlight game has changed forever! 

Now I know it’s a massive risk to buy a little known product and slap it straight onto my face, but I did research Miss Yifi and they are relatively well know in the deep, dark depths of the beauty world. I’ve noticed no skin issues so far either. Touch wood.  

To be honest, I’m not one to rock up to Tesco with a rainbow on my cheek, but I would definitely wear it on a rare night out. Instead I use it as a eyeshadow or mix the colours together to create a lovely multi-tonal highlight. 

Have you managed to bag a rainbow highlighter yet? Are you brave enough to wear it? 

Right, I’m off to ride my unicorn – see ya! 

Kerry x